March 20, 2017


Borrowed from Cherie, a friend and fellow RF Consultant

Also, my weekend.

Love these camo Keds I got for $19 back in December. First wear of the season on Friday. 

I packed up my winter shoes and coats in hopes that winter will come back.

This recipe for dinner on Saturday. 

The trees are starting to bud. I hate it. This means the bugs are coming back.  

Did something with the shed to "extend" it. This meant pouring more concrete. This meant carrying buckets of rocks and sand. Everything hurts. But since we're having this streak of 80 degree days (eyeroll), it's good weather for such work. 

These dumb-dumbs are going to get stuck under that shed one of these days.

They spent the (entire) weekend trying to corner a rabbit.
Exciting times.

Also exciting?
5 more days til Spring Break.


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  1. I'm hoping winter decides to go away, too...although they're talking about freezing weather this week (one day) so I guess we're not totally done yet. Winter can't quit us.

  2. i've been tricked before by canada so i've learned to leave my winter gear where it is until it's basically mid-april. non-canadians think i'm being funny but it's 100% true. you dont know how many times i've packed away winter gear only to have to dig it out because BLIZZARD. wtf.

  3. It's been such a strange winter in MN. Barely any snow. I am ready for Spring. Happy First Day of Spring!

  4. LOL at the rabbit cornering.

    I want winter to be gone.

  5. The bugs ARE coming. Ugh. I've already seen a few buzzing around. It's going to be a really hot & dry summer. I hope you putting your boots away makes it come back for a bit.

  6. The trees blooming are pretty but man those white ones stink!

  7. Now only four more days until break!

  8. Those keds are super cute!!!!


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