March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites.

Well the wind destroyed my hair, but here's a heads up for when it's warm out (79 degrees on March 16th): I love Old Navy's and Target's jersey skirts. I can wear them to work and they're comfortable. 
The shirt is Madewell, but I wore a semi-professional looking tank underneath because I was prepared for it to be so hot in my building that I would need to be wearing a sleeveless shirt.
This is Colorado. 

I finally realized that I should buy a second water dispenser and then maybe I won't have to fill up the bowl that the dogs use during the day so often. Usually I fill up a regular metal water bowl before I leave for work (they aren't upstairs to use this big blue one during the day). I finally, after two years, thought it'd be wise to just pay for another dispenser so I don't have to fill it up every single morning.
Again: that took me two years to figure out. 

Last night, we went to the Hometown Heroes banquet that's put on by the American Red Cross. Scott's 1st Sgt. was being honored for rescuing people from a civilian plane crash while they were in  Afghanistan last year. This was at the Broadmoor so it didn't disappoint. 

My favorite part was when they honored an animal hero and brought a dog on stage. 

I'm turning into this kind of person:

Dogs proving their worth is one of my favorite things.
This dog is a therapy dog who visits patients receiving mental health treatments and goes to schools where there have been traumas. 

Anyway. It's Friday. Whew.


  1. 79 degrees? The highs here have been lucky to get to the 40s this spring break, boo!

  2. That event sounds wonderful and how amazing that they honored a dog! Well done on their part. :)

  3. I think I need one of those dispensers upstairs.

  4. Goodness. Send me a little of your warm weather and I'll send you some snow. Though maybe that's not a good trade off, haha.

    Good idea with the water dispenser, if my cat drank more I'd totally get one for him, too.

  5. Aw, I'd be all about the dog being honored too!



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