December 29, 2016

Last S&T of 2016

In the true spirit of Stuff and Things, these are truths and real thoughts that go through my head. Nothing prosy or curated today.

I find it fascinating that I began 2016 by telling Joey I was done with S&T and it took us months to wrap it up. Then, just a couple of months after that, we brought it back. I am absolutely directionless on Thursdays without it.

I also, at 8pm on Sunday night, realized that I had meant to recap Christmas (somewhat) on here. I didn't and life went on. I mean, I could tell you how we went to a friend's house for dinner on Christmas eve and we had a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner, and I could tell you how we opened presents and grouted a backsplash and made dinner  on Christmas and then watched lots and lots of When Calls the Heart all weekend (me) and duck-hunted (him), but come on now. It's not that interesting. I did get a Roomba. That was interesting. And my parents sent us lots of clothes, which is very welcomed, and my in-laws sent money that we'll put toward a few projects we're working on.

I deleted Instagram from my phone because it was shoving me into a comparison pit. Not a trap. A pit. The last time I posted was quite a while ago, because every time I think to post something I think, No one wants to see that. Then I realized that IG is full of things that no one ever really cares about so why not join in on the party? And then, to be 100% honest, the only time I look at Instagram is when I'm waiting for something, usually for my water bottle to fill up at the fridge.
I'll have to keep thinking on this.

I've also been thinking long and hard about Rodan and Fields. I don't know what kind of future I have with the company. I noticed that a fellow consultant has hopped off of RF and onto the Tupperware train (and is having great success). I noticed an acquaintance who went from some organic make-up to thirty-one to LuLaRoe to some nondescript clothing company...she is selling something different every nine months. I have some LLR and some You-nique make-up invitations on Facebook that I'm just kind of ignoring. I don't want leggings and I don't believe in tons of make-up. What I believe in is good skincare, but I don't know that as many people are on the same page. It's a conundrum.

Which ties directly into my IG/Facebook pit; the comparison thing. These applications are used primarily for just a few things it seems and one of those is advertising. I'm not sure how I feel about it. (Spoken from someone who has used the platforms to advertise.)

And, to end with something cheery...we went to see Rogue One the other night. It was my first Star Wars movie experience. Scott was very excited. I was trying to figure out how I could sneak a book into the theater. We didn't realize that it was Discount Day, which meant it was very crowded and we ended up in the second row. However...I liked the movie. I kept wanting more context though. Like, would I understand it better if I had seen the other movies? Or is this just pure story-building and no one reallllly knew what was happening?

Stuff, Things, etc.

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  1. Tupperware is making a huge comeback lately. They even opened a store for it here. I think, though, it's hard to be in any business like that bc of having to try to gather sales.

  2. Your FIRST Star Wars movie... WOW!! That's shocking. I didnt know people like that existed ;) haha
    I so get it ... I find so many social media things only making me feel bad about myself with comparison things. I've started deleting people that make me feel that way - not even on their own fault - just for me - & following those that inspire me creatively or a soul level. Makes it more enjoyable to go to these outlets.

  3. I hear you on Instagram. I follow very few people for the same reasons, and I tend not to browse random accounts too much because I always end up feeling like my photos are sub par and the point isn't really to be a professional photographer. I have this distant goal of someday printing out some of my hiking/scenery photos so it's kind of a place to store those but we'll see if I ever actually get around to it.

    You would definitely understand Rogue One more if you had seen the other Star Wars movies, BUT it's the prequel to A New Hope, which is the "first" Star Wars film (technically the 4th but that's a whole explanation) so if you wanted to watch the original series, you're set up for it now. And, bonus, they're ALL better than Rogue One, which has been my least favorite of them all by far.

  4. Do you have to sell a certain amount or can you just be a R+F consultant for the discount?

  5. lol i just commented on your other post about star wars, but i'm glad you liked it. i have seen all the others multiple times and i understand like.. 40% of it. i enjoy the movies but KC likes to talk about them or little details that i would never understand and i'm always asking him questions. he's happy to explain though.
    i am with you on instagram. i'm thinking of turning mine private, just so it weeds out the people who don't actually want to follow me - that sounds weird, but you know? the people who follow and unfollow within 24 hours. i'm not interested in them, they aren't interested in me, what's the point. i did unfollow a lot of people who made me fall into the comparison trap/pit, but to be fair, most of it is my fault and not their fault, but either way, it helped to get rid of them.

  6. Sounds like you had a great Christmas to me, low key is the best!

  7. I'm an Instagram fan, but I only look at photos from people I follow. As for Facebook, I loathe it now. I only pop on to see what a few people post, then get off. I can't stand the political, child oversharing, advertising, and religious posts my feed seems to filled with. I starting unfollowing the people who constantly share those things, but I'm quickly running out of people to follow haha. I would delete it, but I'm a part of a few groups I like. I'll stick with Insta and Snapchat. :)

  8. I don't really do Facebook all that much. I did finally set up a page for my blog, so I do try and share some things on there. I don't want to overload people though. I like it to keep in touch with certain people, but that's about it.

    As for Instagram, I only got it this past year and I do really like it but I like the people I follow. It's a lot of books and things like that, so I don't feel too much envy looking at these pictures. Plus, I just like to share things sometimes.


  9. Life IS funny. With the whole contemplation of IG, which is how I feel about FB. I have deleted FB from my phone because I get so irritated with people posting on there. I do love IG. It's all about keeping up through pictures which I prefer :)--I'm hearing good things about Rogue One. I'm not really feeling it though. I was so pissed/shocked they killed Hans Solo that I'm done :)

  10. My family is made up of Star Wars people. I've seen the original three and the three prequels released when I was still living at home. I have not seen one since, and *gasp* I'm ok with that. ;-p

  11. I rely on Facebook for my Beautycounter business. Not IG so much... I just share snapshots of our days on there.


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