December 28, 2016

In which a vacuum is exciting

Scott bought us a Roomba iRobot for Christmas. I never asked for one and I never really planned on looking into buying one. It falls into the category of "most thoughtful gift ever" though because his reasoning was that Maybe now you don't have to freak out about the floors so much if you have something to take care of it for you. He has noticed my plight.

Many of you might say Well, why doesn't he vacuum if it's such a burden on the household? I don't really trust anyone else to do it, so I likely wouldn't let him. I'm an absolute nazi about the floors.

In fact...I sent this to my friend as I was following the Roomba around:

I've noticed:
It's quieter than a regular vacuum, but not as quiet as a dishwasher.
It doesn't suck up cords or curtains that hang low.
It goes right over throw rugs.
It transitions from hardwood to tile to carpet quite seamlessly.
It doesn't get stuck.
IT GOES UNDER THE BEDS. This is the best part.
Since we have a ranch house (and the full basement is just full of plaster-dust and sawdust and tools because it's being worked on), the Roomba is kind of ideal.

I don't know if I'll program it to run while I'm at work, because the dogs will likely go INSANE if they hear it rumbling around upstairs. But the fact that I can turn it on and go about my business is kind of priceless. Well, not really priceless. There's better ways to spend money, I'm sure, than on an automatic vacuum. But if it makes life easier, I'm willing to give it a go. Time is money and all.

Also, as an aside and as a "Merry Christmas to me": The Steelers won and the Broncos lost. 


  1. hahahah supervising the roomba! I'd probably do the same LOL

  2. My step daughter LOVES hers.
    I almost got one but I know my herding dog would go nuts trying to make it go where he wants it to go & then would destroy it when it wouldnt obey.

  3. We got a Roomba too and I also supervise it! I just need to make sure it's getting the job done!

  4. I want one so bad! I'm just unsure how well it will pick up the massive amounts of pet hair my house accumulates. :( Who knew a Lab and a cat could shed so much.

  5. My coworker was just singing its praises last week.

  6. Ive seen the roomba in action, its interesting. We just bought a shark so may wait on one of those

  7. if i had a roomba, i would absolutely follow it around. KC does most of the vacuuming but i would still follow the roomba because it kinda freaks me out a bit. although the going under the beds (and other furniture?) sounds pretty fantastic. we were in a ranch, obviously not right now, but when we buy a new house i really want it to be a ranch, but who knows. if it is, i might get one (or i've seen cheaper alternatives with good reviews).

  8. I think a Roomba is perfect for you. I do recall reading many posts about your obsession with vacuuming. Haha I need one simply because I'm lazy about cleaning.

  9. I would love a Roomba! We got a cleaner instead last January... best money I ever spent/spend and I will gladly eat beans to pay for her. Depending on where we live next, a Roomba might be the better option because my worst job ever is cleaning the floors. The rest I don't mind. Also, interesting British/American English sidenote, does a ranch house mean it's all on one floor? If so that's known as a bungalow here. I'd never made that connection before. Huh.

  10. I got the cheap version and it does, unfortunately, suck up cords and throw rugs but otherwise keeps me happy! It IS a thoughtful gift and you're totally right, going under beds and such is amazing. I started mine at 6 today and left the house at 7... interested to see what I'll come home to this evening.

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