December 22, 2016

3 Stuff and Things.

Here's a mish-mash of all sorts of things...

+We have an army ball in January. I rented this dress back at the beginning of November. I also got the bracelet because I don't think a necklace will work and I like bracelets better anyway. Now I just need some moderately/cheaply-priced (closed toe) shoes. 
Regarding nylons/pantyhose: neutral/tan? Or black? 
I'm not doing bare legs in January. 

(Don't mind the glitch from the screenshot.)

+Do not buy appliances from Home Depot. They use an outside delivery company, which means that they don't have control over when you actually get your order. 

They were supposed to deliver a dishwasher on Saturday, December 10th. They didn't. I called. The lady was nice (I forget her name.) They said they'd call Monday. They didn't call. I called again. The guy (David at the Southgate Home Depot) was not helpful. He just kept saying "Yes....yes....yes" and letting me spill the whole story while never actually offering a solution. He then said he'd put a note in the file that says we "weren't contacted" which is the same thing they did Saturday so we know this method is not effective. 
I put Scott on the phone. 
Scott told David he was going to come pick it up because this outside delivery company that Home Depot uses (they don't deliver their own appliances?) cannot be trusted, apparently, because they didn't show up at all with the appliance in the first place and then they never called to tell us and they also never followed up to reschedule. Scott told Home Depot that they just needed to call and tell us when it's available for pick-up. We were going with the delivery option only because that meant they'd haul away the white hunk of 2002-gross-appliance that is (still) sitting on the porch (spoiler alert).
Home Depot called and left a message on Tuesday, 12/13, and said it would be at the store for us to pick up on 12/20, ten days after the original delivery date. 
I called back. 
When this lady (she was nice, but I don't think she said her name) said there was nothing she could do, I put Scott on the phone again. But before she completely exasperated me, I said, "It's been almost a month since we bought this thing and we still don't have it. I don't have a dishwasher. There's a hole under the counter." She said, "I'm sorry...that sucks". But it's not about washing dishes! It's about the fact that I BOUGHT SOMETHING A MONTH AGO AND I STILL DON'T HAVE IT. 
Scott took the phone. I wrung my hands in despair.
He explained himself and asked to speak to a manager. 
The manager was reasonable (Abby?). She refunded us an extra $81 but said the only thing she could do was have us call the delivery company ourselves and arrange to pick it up. 
The next day, Home Depot called Scott back and told him he could call the company (I feel like this was an extra step and I'm not sure why) and make "an appointment" to get it. He called several times and got no answer. Then he called Home Depot (he had this manager on speed-dial) and said he was going over there at 2:30 because that was when he could get away from work and it better be ready and they're still not answering their phones. 
He showed up and it was just a warehouse; there was no reception area, but as he walked in, he called the number again to see if it was correct. He watched/listened as the phone rang and rang and they purposefully ignored it. It turns out that they answer when they see Home Depot is calling and don't answer otherwise. 
He loaded up the dishwasher and then this Home Depot manager called him back to make sure he got it and she apologized again and again and he said that he didn't see how anyone could ever want to do business with Home Depot just because of this company. The store itself wasn't the main problem, but the trickle down part of this story is powerful, so we'll likely never go back there again. 
There was talk (on my end) of just canceling it, getting a refund, and going to Lowe's but that would've just extended this terrible experience.
Also, the lady who used to live here didn't know how appliances worked so, while the new dishwasher is fully functional, Scott will be pulling it back and redoing some wiring/etc in the near future.
It never ends. 

A podcast you should listen to:

So I love book podcasts, but there's always a learning curve for me because I'm not always up on the latest and greatest and I'm one of those who just think making time to read is hard. I will admit to that.
However, TV, I can do. I adore TV. I don't really watch movies*, but I will find, figure, or fanangle a way to watch shows. 
These hosts have some interesting thoughts and every episode is different: wide variety of topics and not super formulaic.  I don't agree with all of their opinions, but I love hearing opinions on TV in general so that's okay and probably good for me. 

*Scott asked me if I wanted to see the new Star Wars movie today. I said that'd be difficult because I've never seen any Star Wars movie and I'm not sure why I would want to start now. 

Also, I can't decide if I did this terrible center-spacing thing in this post on purpose, or if it just kinda happened that way. 

Stuff, Things, etc.


  1. You are going to look gorgeous! I'm glad you went with a bracelet instead of a necklace. Try Payless for shoes! I've had great success with them!

    1. I thought about Payless...or maybe Kohl's. I'm willing to pay $40 if I can find something I like!
      I hope it fits!

  2. ugh, what an awful ordeal you had to go through. glad that you got it straightened out (finally!) but it's disturbing how some companies just don't even care!

  3. I usually opt for nude/tan pantyhose, but I think black ones can look just as nice, especially with the right pair of shoes. I'm not a movie person either, unless it's Disney or a documentary I'm not interested. Although, I guess I can't say that anymore since Star Wars is technically Disney and I have no interest in that racket!

  4. I don't order appliances from Home Depot for delivery reasons. MFD likes them so he used them for the shore.

  5. That dress is amazing! And truthfully, you can get away with neutral (aka tan panty hose) OR black. :)

    That Home Depot story gives me anxiety. I hate when things that should go smoothly don't.

  6. I think if you're getting black closed toe shoes you can definitely go for black tights (or nude), but if any other colour then I think it has to be the nude tights. But I'm no fashionista so go with whatever feels right on the night (to be fair that strategy is probably why I look like a bag lady 99% of the time so you may not want to take my advice...).

  7. Sorry about the home depot thing. I hope you have a working dish washer now. I love the dress and the bracelet! I'm working on getting back into the blogger grove. I have a new iphone. I'm sure that will help. I always prefer my photos/screenshots centered in the post. (because I'm no-reply still.)

  8. Sounds like Home Depot needs to either get a different delivery company or start doing their own deliveries, jeez. You can't be the first people who have run into trouble, either. My guess, it all comes down to it being the cheapest for HD. I feel your pain, though. Over 2 months and guess what we still don't have?

    I would go with black tights (more wintery) since the ball is in January! I think black on black is classy and it'll make that bracelet really pop.

  9. I'd lean toward the black tights...granted, my legs are so very pale naturally that I feel like any kind of nude/tan pantyhose just looks ridiculous on me, so that influences my predisposition toward black.
    That dishwasher drama sounds so annoying!

  10. I rented the same dress last spring- it is really comfortable and has pockets too which I loved. If you are going to do tights I would go sheer black and black shoes but if you can brace bare legs, any tall pump will look great. I wore a light pink pair (actually from Payless as Jen suggested) but wanted red because I thought it would look best.

  11. I was in Indianapolis a few weeks ago and it was also during a cold spell that dipped in to the teens. While there, I saw some young girls (probably college age) who were going to some formal event. Their legs were bare and I thought - I know hose is not in fashion, but they have to be freezing their legs and hoo-has off! I'm no fashionista, but I'd go with sheer black hose.

    Happy holidays!

  12. ugh. we have to use lowes and home depot a lot for work and they are always frustrating. sorry you had to deal with that!
    as for dresses in winter... i normally go with black.. but i don't normally wear sleeveless, so... i don't know. i wouldn't do bare legs either lol.
    we saw the new star wars.. KC is a fan. i just wanted the snacks.


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