August 17, 2016

$13 of worth it.

There is no way I was moving that chair out of the way. 
This was taken at 5pm on the first day of school. 
There is no way...

The brick is there to prevent the chair from blowing down the second-story deck steps. It's happened before. 

I bought this dress for $13 on the Target clearance rack a few days ago. It's the Merona brand. You might say that I added the "fun" belt for a "pop" of color. I did not. I added the belt at 6:30am as I was walking out the door because I knew the dress poofed out a bit and created some unflattering lines. The belt reigned it in. And I actually had a very thin cardigan on over it in the morning and had the belt over the dress AND the cardigan, a la 2013.  It worked.

I bought the dress because my classroom hits about 85 1/2 degrees fahrenheit by 1pm and that is pretty miserable. I've been gravitating toward anything conservatively sleeveless ever since we moved to Colorado for this reason.

And can we talk about appropriate teacher clothes? Standards are low these days, guys. More on this at a later date, perhaps.

Also, take note: my $8 shoes from last year's Target clearance are holding up well. 


  1. Well done with the quick addition of the fun belt! I miss American Target.

  2. That's a great dress, and what a bargain. I really struggle to find workwear that's smart enough, vaguely flattering, not too short, not too naked, etc... What's going on?!

  3. At the condo, a brick wouldn't have worked to keep our stuff on the patio so we had to use bungee cords to keep things worked!

    And yes we should all do posts about teacher clothes that are appropriate because stuff I see nowadays makes me, well, you know.

  4. Love this dress on you! I really like the merona brand at Target because they do offer a pretty wide selection of work appropriate clothes. I just wish they were sized a bit smaller, but that's personal preference. Also, I'm disappointed in our local school system. I've seen teachers wear t-shirts to school before (and not like the ones you wear on field trip days) but actual aeropostale type t-shirts. I'm all about business casual, but that crosses the line. lol

  5. yes, more on appropriate teacher clothes please! KC just moved to public schools and his particular school is super strict, but his old school they had sweatpants day, i kid you not. every week. and the secretary wears leggings to work most days. and not with long tops. i shudder.
    this dress is super cute! i couldn't wear it to work myself, but i do like it!

  6. Very cute! You could wear this in Florida until November - haha.

  7. Standards ARE low these days. Phew. I appreciate your modest clothing choices, and your clothing choices in general. :)
    Also, yay for $13!

  8. Super cute! You can't go wrong with clearance, ever!

  9. Cute! I want to hear about these low standards...I'm guessing too many leggings as pants and too much cleavage?

  10. I am all about the end of season clearance at Target right now

  11. Great dress! I always love a good deal! :)


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