August 27, 2015

Stuff and Things 8/27

Stuff, Things, etc.

+I kind of wanted to do a Stuff Scott Says post, but I kept forgetting to write stuff down.

+I will tell you that he laughs out loud when I watch Under the Dome.  He's the same person who used to watch Legend of the Seeker (if you've never heard of it that's because he's the only one who ever watched it). It was a sci-fi medieval kind of show.

+Scott to Scout: You are the Adam Levine of dogs.

+Scott to Jett: You are the Jack Black of dogs.

+And because I can truly think of nothing else worth explaining....

Dress: Gordman's // Sweater: Macy's (old) // Sandals: Target (brand-new and $8)

A kid tramped on my toe by accident last week.  My toenail is black and blue underneath the polish.  I wanted to scream, but I totally held it all inside.  Go me. I should stop wearing $8 sandals to school.  At least they're not flip-flops.  I draw the line somewhere.

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  1. The Adam Levine of dogs!!! I love your school outfit! Mint green is totally my go-to color and I love it with the striped cardi over it. Happy almost to the weekend :) Is this your first week with kids? We started Monday with kids so it's been draining.

  2. I'm crying inside for your toe.

    LOLOL @ the Adam Levine and Jack Black of dogs. That paints a hilarious picture.

  3. That description of the dogs is hysterical.

    Your poor toe. I would have screamed. This why I don't teach.

  4. Ouch!!!!! Poor toe, I would have lost my mind. haha.

  5. Ooooh don't you just hate when something like that happens and you can't scream or cry or whatever? I hate bugs but can't let the kids see that so when one arrives, I have to man up and kill it but dude at home, I make Keith do it.

  6. Super cute outfit!! The Jack Black and Adam Levine of dogs... love it.

  7. $8 sandals! Amazing. Black toenail NOT amazing. I hope it feels better soon, and in the mean time thank goodness for cheerful nail polish!

  8. Under the Dome has officially jumped the shark. But I still watch it every week.

    I feel you on the toe issue. WORST kind of pain. We were building a rock wall by our driveway a couple weekends ago and I slammed one rock on top of the other...with my finger in between them. I may or may not have actually cried (plus I'd been digging up stupid rocks and gravel for 4+ hours and I had HAD IT).

  9. Love that dress on you- great color! I hope your toe heals quickly- ouch!

  10. I hear you about the toes! I dropped like 4 heavy plates on my foot at work last week and couldn't walk/bend my toes.

    Love the color of your dress!

  11. Love the outfit, AND the things Scott says. Hahaha the Adam Levine of dogs!! Too funny!

  12. Oh youch!!! The kid stepping on your toe sounds awful. And the Scott/Dog convos crack me up! You look totally adorable, friend!


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