August 29, 2015

(A link to) Mexican Stuffed Shells

Recipe challenge, week thirty-four. Kind of.

I can't lie. I haven't cooked in awhile.  In fact, grocery shopping isn't even fun anymore. In fact-in fact, I stopped at Chick-fila for dinner the other day when I knew Scott wouldn't be home until late.  I really just wanted a giant unsweetened tea, but I figured a chicken wrap would hold me over as I hunkered down to two hours of paperwork on a Thursday night.  How boring, right? The dogs weren't happy about it, but someone has to work to buy all those treats....

In fact, I've taken a step back from social media in general because I like to be intentional with things and right now I'm busy being intentional with things other than blogging.  Mostly school stuff.  But I've been insisting on half an hour of Pilates (at least) every day. It takes an extreme amount of forethought to put a workout into a busy day, and I'm the first one to admit that I've been going to bed too late.  However, dinner has barely been getting made because by the time I leave school, drive 30 minutes home, and I feed/walk/play with the dogs, it's almost 6pm and I have stuff to do and I end up putting something together for Scott and I just eat whatever.  It's not a practice I recommend.  If I'm lucky, I keep up with the laundry and dishes as the week goes on. Which means not often.

However, I made these stuffed shells weeks ago and took them to my friend who'd just had a baby.  I made a double batch so we had dinner for two nights too.  I do love freezer cooking and this is a great example of something you can make, wrap up tightly, stick in the freezer, and pull out on a busy day.

 It's not my recipe;  I googled "healthy Mexican stuffed shells" and this is what came up.  So I don't know if this counts because I didn't invent it. But it IS new and I DID make it and it's not like I'm writing a cookbook or plagiarizing, right?

I'll just post the link.  Just in case.


  1. With Kyle being in the field 3 weeks out of every month cooking happens less and less in our house. These look amazing though! Yum!

    1. Isn't it weird how you just cannot get back in the habit?? Maybe I'm trying too hard...

  2. We have a tiny freezer, but I told Jason I want to get a deep freezer so I can freeze meals in advance...I'm on the Whole 30 right now, so I have to be diligent in cooking, but I cold at least freeze pre-cooked meats if we had the space! These shells look so good.

  3. I completely understand you. In addition to the fact that I was so busy this spring, I then developed an aversion to cooking. Even this summer, I barely made anything. Now that I'm back into a routine, I leave work, head right to the gym, and I DO actually have time to get things accomplished--including dinner--when I get home. So I'm trying to be better about making dinner. These sound amazing. I'll have to see if I can find Gluten Free stuffed shells so I can make them for Scott and me.

  4. Ha, I'm with you on the dinner front. I try to stay up with it--but it's impossible. And last night, I ahd J stop at the store to buy stuff for chicken caesar salads (quick and easy) and then he ended up falling asleep on the couch 5 minutes after he walked in the door and he didn't eat. Fail.


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