July 21, 2016

(Kind of) Confessions

+I've been stalking Lululemon's website, waiting for their fall tote bags. I want something quality that will hold everything and has divider pockets.

+I think it's fascinating that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has really just become a vehicle to utilize affiliate links. Like, does it serve another purpose?

+I'm in charge of Girls on the Run at my site this year and it's stressing me out a little bit. I have this fear that a lot of girls won't sign up because they raised the price. They didn't just raise the price; they raised it $20+. This means that, for my free and reduced lunch school, it will cost each kid NINETY-SIX DOLLARS for 8 weeks of the program. That's kind of hard to wrap my head around.
Also, when I went to register on the website, this popped up. I didn't know these were "Languages".

+It happened with the dog food again and I know why now: Chewy.com is very sporadic in their shipping. Sometimes it's a 48 hour turnaround. Sometimes it's FIVE OR SIX DAYS. Talk about unreliable. This actually makes me really mad. If they can't guarantee shipping in a timely manner, why am I bothering? I could probably get dog food more quickly from Amazon.

+I simply cannot stand it when people claim that too much sugar makes them jittery. That's not a thing. I don't even know that I have a rationale for this, but the complaining of "so much sugar!" or "sugar high" really gets on my nerves. Eat sugar, don't eat sugar, I don't care. They do this a lot on morning TV, I've noticed. 

+I had an army function the other day and it took so much out of me, mentally, and that's why I can't do those things often. I can socialize just fine on my own terms...military-related socializing is just...hard. 

+I don't like throwing people under the bus on this blog because consequences are a thing. I usually keep my unkind thoughts to myself (and my text messages). However...

I had a major WTF moment the other day. Someone posted on Facebook, and she listed all the MLM businesses she could think of and said to PLEASE not contact her about buying or selling any of them. SHE will contact "you" if she has a need for such products. It was a big production and she got a lot of head pats and "likes".

Then, the next day, she posted that she had a bunch of Coach handbags she wants to get rid of and "would anyone like to buy them?" 


  1. I hate when people hate on the MLMs. I mean, not only because I sell stuff now for Beautycounter, but because it's just hating on these people who are legit trying to earn money. Yeah, it can be a bit annoying to have your FB page filled with stuff... but I respect the people who do their thing. Even when they message me. Good for them for reaching out!

  2. I think we all process sugar differently - like caffeine! So if it makes someone jittery but not me, no skin off my back.

    Rude to crap on people selling things and in the next breath try to sell something yourself.

  3. Ugh I hate when people reference a sugar high, it's not a real thing and they need to stop.

  4. Affiliate links are the worst. So are Lululemon prices...

    I'm not a huge fan of most MLM's but to hate on people for advertising their job is silly. Does she send out emails to all the stores she shops at to tell them to quit running commercials and sending ads out because SHE will come to THEM if she wants to buy something? I doubt it.

  5. haha - I'm with you on all of this! :)
    It drives me nuts about the sugar thing too. When I try to explain that to people, SCIENCE - they all are like, "No, its different for me"... yyyeeeaaahhhhhh

    Oh my gosh - I am SOOO over every blog post being about Nordstrom. MERCY!
    But you have me now waiting for Lululemon's site to update too :)

  6. I remember as a kid, other parents saying their kids couldn't have sweets because they were too hyper...we never had that problem as little ones, lol. So I never know of that's a real "thing" or not.

  7. As someone who also teaches at a high population free and reduced lunch school, I would be nervous about that cost, too! We're lucky that we can get people to care about their children's education let alone PAY for them to do something active.

    Also, that is not cool about the MLM post. What is so offensive about someone contacting you? If you don't want to have a party or buy a product, there's a magical word that you can say to tell people so. It's called, "No." People need to stop being so offended about everything. ;-p


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