July 22, 2016

Five Friday Favorites

1. The I Hate Green Beans Bachelorette recap this week. LOL. Thoughts on The Bachelorette? I have many.

2. Steph wrote the perfect addendum to what Jennifer Aniston recently said about women, marriage, and babies. I've got to start being meaner when people pry (I'm too nice, apparently), but I try to stay even-keeled when in social situations and losing it over Do you think you'll have kids? might make me some enemies. It falls under the same reaction as So when does he come back from being deployed? I wrote a post about that several years ago. Down to the letter, the same thoughts and feelings.

3. This thing about teachers. The whole article didn't exactly blow my mind, but this stood out.

Our teacher selves are characters. I've seen those who don't play characters and you can tell the difference. There should always be a difference between you and your teacher self when there's 30 kids looking at you. You do not have to be fake, in either case. You just have to be different if you want it to work for you.

4. I realized the other day that I've only been to Starbucks twice since school let out. That's TWO MONTHS. Once, I went with my brother's girlfriend (my brother, oddly, does not like the 'bucks) and the other time, I went in looking for a tumbler and got an iced tea.

I was seriously thrilled when I came to this money-saving realization this week, and it made me think of this Rodan+Fields graphic.

And that is TWICE-A-DAY use. Kind of like how I've only been to Starbucks twice since May, yet I  spent much more than $2.58. 

5. Because I needed a fifth thing, these are pretty funny.


  1. I liked the Jennifer Aniston story. It's no one's business how many kids someone has, if she has kids, if she gets married or doesn't get married, whatever. That's her life, not yours. I mean, I get grumpy when people assume we aren't having anymore kids because we already have a girl and a boy. The "perfect" family! Grr...

  2. Amen to the teacher/actor point. We educators have to wear so many hats - nurturer, drill sergeant, counselor, private investigator, coach, cheerleader, good cop/bad cop, parole officer... and all those are in addition to teacher!

  3. I have many thoughts on the bachelorette. One being I caught something she "didn't" say to Jordan when he said he loved her. It was hard not to catch her response back. I think he wins, they never pick the super nice really for them guys. Never!

    I am excited for bachelor in paradise!

  4. Thanks for the share!

    It always cracks me up when people are like THAT'S TOO EXPENSIVE in general. If you want to say that's too expensive FOR ME, that's fine. But we all spend differently!

  5. I never really get offended when people ask about kids. Yeah, it's a personal thing but I don't feel like they're subtly telling me I'm not worth as much without kids or anything. I think people are just curious (yeah, maybe nosy) but it doesn't offend me. I just say my standard "One of these days!" and that satisfies most people.

    I had a Starbucks gift card I was saving to take my mom to coffee when we were just there, but we ended up going to a Barnes and Noble Starbucks and apparently they don't take gift cards. So now I have this gift card still in my wallet that I can't use. Lame.

  6. I frequent Starbucks way too often haha, we only have 1 within a 50 mile radius.

    1. I have two on my way to work. It's a battle each day.


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