July 6, 2016

(Actual) Confessions

+When your husband is deployed, the day after a holiday is the best day of all. I felt relief on Tuesday, knowing that the last holiday for a long time was over.

+I killed a baby rattlesnake the other day by blowing it into pieces with a shotgun and I couldn't find it all. I buried what I could and resolved to keep the dogs out of that part of the field for a few days. Snakes can be venomous for days after they die.
Then I went back to the house (this really took a chunk out of my afternoon) and had a beer and some chocolate chip cookies. It was deserved.

+I don't like the phrase love you to the moon and back. What does that even mean? Do people actually say it out loud? Or do they just type it and buy it on wooden signs from Hobby Lobby?

+The dogs ate this remote two years ago. The Samsung TV, that was only about 6 months old at the time, hasn't been used since. I went to Best Buy and had someone explain how to use/work/hook-up a universal remote last week. Now the TV works again. It took two years.

+I've been waking up in the morning not being able to remember what day it is.

+We have this shower curtain rod that I cannot get to stay in place. The other one works, why doesn't this one? It's awful, a drain on my energy, and kind of sad that I can't get a shower curtain rod to work.

+We have tube lighting in our kitchen and bathrooms. It's kind of like a skylight. The one in the kitchen is glaringly bright during the day, so I covered it up.

+If there was a way to send dogs in care packages to soldiers, Scott would be enjoying Jett's company on this deployment. However, Jett is a delicate flower and he needs me around to dip his antibiotic pills in peanut butter, as he has a respiratory infection. He is the most loyal and loving dog that ever was, but man. He needs a personal petter or something. He never leaves me alone.

+I generally enjoy the nonsense that is The Today Show. The first half hour is usually the important stuff and then it's normally just people sitting around eating.
However, I had to mute it last Friday because who on earth wants to listen to Rachel Platten? I mean, ugh.

Today is Scout's "gotcha day". We picked up this little furball three years ago today. He forced me to learn to be responsible for another living thing. I can't even look at his puppy pictures without wanting to order up another one.

Anything to confess today?

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  1. That picture of Scout has me forgetting everything else I might've commented because it is just toooooo cute!
    Who is Rachel Platten?

  2. The neediness of a dog can be sweet but holy goodness annoying. I'm keeping my (former) work dog while the family is on vacation. He hadn't seen me in a month when I went to pick him up last Thursday and he hasn't left me alone since. I basically "had" him since he's 7 weeks old, so he was like "where the eff did you go?" Even as I type this, he's nudging my hand/pulling it from the keyboard demanding pets. It's going to be a long day.

  3. Happy gotcha day! My little guy is semi-needy, but more cuddle bug. Also won't leave me alone but I'm ok with it! :) You totally deserved that beer and cookies!

  4. You have summer amnesia! I love it when summer amnesia kicks in! That's the sign that I have recuperated from the previous school year. Kudos to you for killing that snake. I personally think anything you consumed after that ordeal was well deserved. Cute puppy picture, by the way!

  5. We have those awful lights in our house too! I don't know why anyone would purposely put those in their house. We're definitely replacing them asap.

  6. I dislike "I love you to the moon and back" too!!! It just makes no sense.

  7. That moon phrase bothers me just as much as the "from the bottom of my heart" because the bottom of the heart is the smallest piece of it so I guess they don't love that much, haha

  8. Inspirational phrases on wooden boards crack me up! They're so pinterest it hurts. And I think that shower curtain rod is messing with you. It knows.

  9. you definitely need another puppy :) haha.
    i am with you on loving someone to the moon and back. why? why that much? i don't love you an inch more than that? stupid.
    love how you covered up your light.
    ugh rachel platten. i liked that fight song for like a minute and now she won't go away.

  10. I have that waking up problem, too. It's a wonder I've gotten to any of the places I'm supposed to be since Monday and Saturday are currently the same in my book....

  11. Ahhhhhh puppy scout is so cute!!!!! Snakes are the absolute worst. Just stay hidden and leave us alone, please and thanks! And your comment about that sign at Hobby Lobby cracks me up because I see it every time I am there!


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