July 9, 2013

4th of July and a puppy

I'm so awful at recapping events.  I rarely take pictures of anything important.  With that being said, here we go.

1.  This was the first 4th of July since 2007 that I was in Pennsylvania.

2.  I tell myself I want to go home somewhat often because it's "not that far" because nothing is far compared to Alaska..but the truth is, I never want to make that drive again.  Leading to..

3.  I spent most of the trip back to Missouri terribly carsick.  I didn't throw up (that hasn't happened since Cruise-a-geddon 2012), but I was so dizzy and nauseous.  Throwing up would have been a relief.

4.  It goes without saying that I missed the gym while I was away (for four whole days *eye roll*).  However, part of that goes back to: If I'm working out, I'm drinking lots of water.  I let myself get dehydrated one too many times on our few days away. Leading to #3 on this list, I suppose.

5.  We got a dog.  His name is Scout.

This is called "I'm small and I'm lost."

This is called "I kept my owner up all night (the male one, not the female one) and now I think I'm tired".  As long as he's not hurting himself, I can sleep through his little howls, whimpers, and barks.  Scott's the weak one.  (I have no pity for living things...kidding).

This won't become a dog blog (I know this because when the lady we bought him from called me "mom", I was all like, "Wtf? I'm a person").  However, this blog is about my life experiences (see everything I've ever written about Alaska for proof), so here's my thoughts so far:

Postive:  He's so freaking cute.  And he loves to cuddle.  His preferred sleeping position is on top of Scott.
Negative: His preferred sleeping position is on top of Scott.  Not in his crate.
Positive:  We're keeping him off of all furniture, except for the old couch in Scott's office.  We're staying strong.
Negative: He really likes that couch... and pillows... and blankets.  Not his crate.
Positive: He came partially house-trained, at 6 weeks old.
Negative:  He hates the air conditioner unit, so taking him out the back door is difficult.  I don't want to give him a complex.
Positive:  We're pretty much guaranteed a decent dog.  His uncle is a champion.  His parents are show dogs.  Scott wants a hunting dog and I'm really hoping we get what we paid for with this one.
Negative:  He kept me so busy that I didn't even get to watch True Blood and Dexter in their entirety the other night.  I'm not sure how I feel about this puppy...kidding.


  1. I can't even handle his cuteness, love it! We tried to have Gizmo sleep in his crate when we first got him too and it lasted one whole day. We are weak though. Dexter is good these first two episodes, you have to go back and rewatch this week's episode in entirety. I feel like we are in store for a crazy season!

  2. But he is so cute! So are you saying you won't add 'mom of a furbaby' to your about me section? ;)

  3. I've been waiting for the puppy post after you posted him on instagram! I LOVE HIM!!!

    He is seriously so cute!! Puppy stage is super annoying though, Lucy's 6 months old and still drives me batty like 75% of the day but she's cute and I love her.
    Bo thankfully just grew out of it but he's HUGE and annoying. He also really really thinks he's a baby. Like he expects to be carried around like a baby (because David used to carry him that way).
    I can't wait to read more about Scout later on down the road!! :)

    If you add "mom to a furbaby" to your about me thing, I will unfollow you!! :)
    Okay, probably not, but I will be like "dude...... why?!"
    I hate when people call pet owners "mom" and "dad".
    And I dislike the word, "furbaby"

  4. Seriously, he's the cutest!! Haha and I just had to laugh about you not wanting to give him a complex about the a/c unit. Too funny!

  5. cute kid....ahem, dog. I'm the same way...I like my dog, but I will not hesitate to put her in the backyard when she is getting on my nerves. I certainly can't do that with my kids. Not the same...at all. I'm glad you can sleep through the annoying puppy whines at night. I made J tend to that, too. ;)

  6. Have mercy that is THE SWEETEST little face!! Congrats! He's darling. And he'll have you wrapped around his finger soon enough! Ahh! Having a dog is just the best. Have lots of fun!!

  7. What an adorable and super cute puppy!! Congrats and enjoy cuddling him!!! :) :) :)

  8. So cute! We got a dog because we both were pretty sure we couldn't handle some of the puppy things (potty training, chewing etc) and he really loved his crate. When I look at your little guy's sweet face it makes me want a little puppy now.

  9. He is so cute!!! I've had Emma since she was 4 weeks old (almost 10 years old now) and the puppyhood was tough! You will get through it though and it will be worth it.

  10. He's so cute!! And it's OK if you become a dog mom. I'm totally a cat mom, and I don't apologize for it. :)

  11. He is adorable!! What kind of dog is he? I have gotten to the point where I own the "dog-mom" thing, but I will never say "furbaby." Ever. Except for just now.

  12. What an adorable puppy!! What kind is he?

  13. Huge props to you guys for putting up with a puppy...haha. One of these years I'm sure we'll end up with another dog, and I refuse to get one younger than 3 years old. ;) But he is so. freaking. cute. Have you tried maybe putting one of Scott's t-shirts (after he's worn it) in the crate with him so he has a familiar smell? Might help...

    I'd kill to drive across the country right now...lol.

  14. I'm a cat person, but with that being said, your dog is adorable!

  15. I love Scout. He is so adorable! If you are ever in need of a puppy play date, St. Louis isn't that far away...right???

  16. He's so adorable!! Oh my goodness I want to smoosh him.

    I've never had a puppy. I can't imagine. My dog came to us at 5, pretty broken in and old already. I would assume puppy rearing is like being a mom... :)

  17. I just can't even, that face!! SO SWEET! Puppyhood is so different from doghood, you'll adjust to each other and he'll pick up on whatever rules you have in place if you stick with it.

  18. I love him!! He is so so tiny and sweet looking! When we got our first dog, Gigi, she was five months old and was used to sleeping in the bed with her owner, but we don't let our dogs sleep with us (why I don't know since they have run of just about everything else in the house!), and she whined, cried and broke my heart. But eventually she got used to it and is fine. Scout will learn...but again, OMGGG I love him.

  19. Being carsick is awful!! Especially when you have no choice but to keep going because you have to go home!

    I feel like if Angel were to have a blog, it would be a cat blog. He's obsessed. He gets up probably once a night to check on his cats. He talks to them in Spanish and I hear him saying to them, "Rachel is your mama, yes she is." and I'm like: "No."

  20. Awwwww! Scout is soooo cute! What a sweetie pie!


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