June 9, 2016

My Rodan-niversary.

I've been on board with Rodan+Fields for an entire year now. I've been using it for two years and selling it for one.

This week, I didn't really think about that when I posted this color run photo on Instagram but, truthfully, I wouldn't have done a color run two years ago without putting on, at least, powder. On this day, I just slathered on a ton of sunscreen and went at it.

The point is: good skin provides you with a freedom you didn't know you could have. It might be like losing an excessive amount of weight. You didn't know how good you could feel until you actually felt it.

Here's the vlog I made last year about not wearing makeup. I fully support wearing makeup to work, when out and about, and whenever you want to. I wouldn't really say you shouldn't wear makeup to work or certain places because #professionalsetting and all.
I do not support feeling like you should HAVE to wear makeup. It should always be optional.

If you're ready to go #foundationfree this summer, let me know....I promise there's something that will help you get there!

Here's the link to the Unblemish regimen that I use and then there's Reverse, which can get rid of the past damage many of us try to cover up.

Here's to another year of clear skin and helping others find the same relief!


  1. I won some of the RF sunless tanner in a giveaway and just used it this weekend. Totally obsessed!!

  2. Sometimes I aspire to love makeup, but I don't. I can't tell you the last time I used it. Honestly. Not even eyeliner or mascara. I've never been good at applying it. I always feel fake. That's something in my own head not that I think others shouldn't. I am lucky to have decent skin. Decent complexion. Good skin products are so expensive, but when they work--worth it!

  3. That's how I feel about makeup - though I rarely wear it myself (esp face makeup), I do wear it when I want to but mainly I don't want anyone to feel like they HAVE to, like they're not beautiful without it.

    Your skin looks fabulous.

  4. Your skin looks amazing!! I will eventually get around to trying this. :)

  5. I'm so happy you found something that works so well for you, and your skin is looking amazing! I wish I had known about this back when I had my really bad acne years, I would have definitely tried this because nothing else worked until I finally took Accutane.

  6. Happy Rodan-niversary! Your skin really looks so great.


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