June 13, 2016

Monday Phone Photos

On Wednesday, I chipped a tooth. No idea how. That pretty much colored the rest of my week.

I went to the dentist on Friday and, praise be, Tricare actually benefited me for once and I just had to pay $22 for a filling. Though the popular opinion is that the filling may not stay put because it's on the top of one of my front teeth. But, gold star to Fountain Modern Dentistry. I like them.

Onto phone photos...because does anyone actually carry a camera anymore?

Scott told me to "plant something" when I told him I was bored. "Buy some of those nice clay pots" he said. Then, when I did, his response was "Those plants survival is about as good as me winning the jackpot."
Clearly he knows about my non-green thumb.

Exciting times here. I'm rewatching it all. 

Cripple Creek, Colorado. I think this is a gold mine (I spend so much time doing Colorado history stuff during the school year ...and it's boring...so I couldn't be bothered to read the placard).

Tourist trap.

Rainbow, clearly meant for just me since it's on my property only, after last night's storm. 

I was going to take my mom for pedicures this week, but she didn't want to spend the money (even if I was buying), so I painted my own toenails (like a peasant or something).

And two wet, muddy dogs. And at least one plant that is still alive. 


  1. You peasant.

    I need a pedicure, but I've quickly learned that prices here are a LOT higher than prices in Georgia, so I've been peasanty as well.

    Colorado is SO pretty.

    I'm sorry to hear about your tooth.

  2. Yikes sorry about your tooth but so glad Tricare didn't totally suck!

  3. Painting your own toenails like a peasant...LOLOL that is exactly how I feel when I have to do it.

    Ugh the tooth thing. I STILL need to book my dental appointment and I am not in the mood.

    I actually just started carrying a real camera again.


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