April 14, 2016

S&T 4/14: The Final One!

Stuff, Things, etc.

+I planned on a blog post yesterday (of the what-I-wore variety), but my Tuesdays, ironically, look a lot like they did two years ago, so that did NOT happen. Just add in two dog walks per day and a 30 minute commute and it's pretty much the same.

+Last week, I made fun of people for not being able to spell.  After a Skype snafu over the weekend, Scott sent me this and said he couldn't find me on Skype because I had three accounts and, on one, my name was spelled wrong.

He wanted me to point out that I, too, make mistakes. But I think that was just a fluke. Because I do somehow have three Skype accounts and that's probably because I couldn't remember passwords or something and I just created another one as a solution.

We could also point out his sentence structure errors in that conversation, but apparently nothing like that counts in text messages.

+I've been super crabby all week. Short with coworkers, impatient with strangers, etc. I realized after a few days that it's because I have a book hangover. I just finished 13 audiobooks in a row and now I don't know what to do with my life. It's kind of awful. I just feel kind of confused about everything right now.

+I've been ordering from chewy.com for over a year now and this crabby feeling was just amplified on Tuesday when I tried to order more dog food. I have an autoship set up, but I go in and re-order manually because, like I said, I have trouble with things like this.

When I clicked to ship, I got this.

It was just one more thing I couldn't cross off of my to-do list for whatever reason and was very upsetting. It seems like for everything I cross off, two more things need to be added.

I contacted customer service and they were wonderful, explaining that the food had been discontinued in that size and I was all why-doesn't-it-just-tell-me-that-in-the-error-message???
And they were nice and sent four 6-pound bags at the same price of the 24-pound one, but now I have to find a new dog food.
Anyway, they were too nice because I wasn't very nice in my initial email. But holy cow did I appreciate that. I needed to see the "peace, love, and pugs" signature line on a Tuesday morning because it made Tuesday a little less terrible (if that's possible).

So, gold star to chewy.com (as Gretchen Rubin would say).

+And just for fun, here is the first Stuff and Things link-up post I did two years ago.

Since this is the last Stuff and Things link-up, I do want to thank you all for your participation over the last few years. And thank you to Joey for being such a great friend and doing this link-up with me! My blog, God-willing, isn't going anywhere, but Thursdays will be my own again.

Cheers to almost-Friday!

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  1. I get crabby when I'm in the middle of a really good book and normal life keeps interrupting my ability to read it. Like going to work, talking to people, etc. I just want to find out what happens!

    Thanks for hosting the link up, I've had fun participating. And enjoy having your Thursdays back!

    P.S. I don't think your InLinkz widget is working?

  2. Sad the link up is going away, but totally understand. Great fun linking up every week.

  3. One last link up time - sad but at the same time I get it. Heck I can't post much anymore, or read anymore with my time constraints. Oh well! Its been fun and can't wait to keep reading!

  4. I'm so excited to find out about this linkup, even if it's the last one! I have to say this is the chillest linkup ever :) Thanks for hosting!

  5. I hate it when products I love get discontinued, but that's some great customer service, and that signature is awesome! I don't think I realized that it's been live for two years- that's amazing! Thanks for hosting this linkup, and hooray to have Thursdays as your own again!

    1. Ok so I just checked out the first post. Leo finally got his Oscar! And I was really hoping this linkup got its name from TWD; that's awesome, and always reminded me of that episode when I linked up!

  6. I have multiple Skype accounts too because I could never remember my password. Now that I use it more regularly I use the same one but for awhile it felt like every time I needed to use Skype I ended up making a new account.
    Thanks for hosting such an enjoyable link up!

  7. I have a book post hangover this week. I cannot get it together after Show Us Your Books.

    Chewy rocks. I need to check to see if the new treats my dogs like are on there. I got them from Amazon yesterday, same day delivery...emergency no treat situation going on. LOL

    Sayonara linkup! You've been a good one! Thanks for hosting all this time.

  8. Au revoir, linkup! I'm so sorry I forgot this is the last one. I've been in a stupor since Tuesday after minimal sleep and Show Us Your Books.

    I have a friend who spelled her name wrong on FB. They won't let her fix it.

  9. Congrats on two whole years of Stuff & Things!! And yay for Thursday freedom. :)

    I just started Salt to the Sea...I don't know how it would be in audio book form but in text it's pretty good so far. And I just finished Columbine/Dave Cullen, which was utterly fascinating to me, considering all I knew about it was what was on the news when I was in high school and turns out the majority of the media narrative was false.

    Your blog better not go anywhere. It's basically the only one I comment on these days, haha.

  10. I've been super crabby lately too! I have no idea why.

  11. Awww, I would have been cranky too about the order. It's so silly but I hate dealing with stuff like that. Glad it got worked out (for now)

  12. Your link up was awesome and it will be missed!!! What kind of dog food do you have that was discontinued?? My local dog store quit carrying our dog food too and I wonder if it is more than they just quit carrying it. The guy I talked to there was clueless. I hate when that stuff happens!

  13. oh man i hate when things get discontinued. i would rather them not make the product in the first place, which i know is irrational but i don't care. congrats on the success of your link up and here's to thursdays being your own from now on. hope you find some books to cure the hangover!


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