March 14, 2016

Currently (three)... more than one audiobook a week. I've discovered that it's worth it to me to get the audiobook, versus a paper copy, because if I'm sitting down to read, I can't do anything else. If I'm listening, I can do a multitude of things. Drive, walk the dogs, clean, paint, etc.

Thinking...that no one cares really cares about Brock Osweiler leaving the Broncos. Broncos fans (because I'm surrounded by them) don't like him. They've considered him inferior and they embraced Peyton Manning like he was some sort of savior. He was always 2nd fiddle and they never took him seriously. I'd leave too.  Now that Brock Osweiler is gone, the news is interviewing fans on the street (this is the state of our news...) and they're all Oh wow. I really had hopes for him. That's too bad. No. You talked trash about him every time he went on the field and talked about him like he was a child, even though he was the only one who kept the team afloat during Manning's multiple injuries.
Again, I'd leave too. Also, Broncos fans are the worst.

Wondering...if most of the general public has read Killing Reagan yet. If it's true that Nancy Reagan was a not-so-nice person, I feel like I view the media coverage of her funeral verrrrry differently.

Wanting...perfume. I've had the same bottle of body spray that I've been using for almost 3 years and it's just about gone. I'm eyeing up this stuff at Sephora. Cheap, it is not. I got a sample randomly and now want to commit. 

Watching...The Family. I admit I only started watching because Elizabeth Craft writes for it and I do love the podcast Happier. However, I will watch Matt Saracen in a darker role any day. He's just so darn likable. His character is also the only free-thinker on that show. 

Failing... at making sure the dog food is autoshipping from on time. I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly how long it takes them to go through a bag of it, and I'm bad at estimation. So, oftentimes, the dogs eat scrambled eggs or salmon for a day or two until a new bag shows up. 

Baking...these pumpkin pupcakes for the dogs. Jett had a birthday last week.  He got a fox. This is the least blurry picture I could get.

Hoping...that Scott has done the taxes. Because I have not.


I'm doing some serious damage.

What are you currently feeling (as Monday arrives again)?


  1. Pupcakes? So cute!! I haven't read Killing Reagan yet but I've heard those books are really good!

  2. Bailey ate scrambled eggs for several days because the laziness that overcomes me the second I'm done with my workday makes it so I don't want to walk into a single store. Jett is too freaking adorable.

  3. Aw the idea of making pupcakes is so cute! I bet the dogs love them :)

  4. I am feeling that the weekend is too short....

  5. My husband is a Broncos fan and he keeps talking to me about Brock Osweiler like I care. I do not.

    I keep wanting to buy some real perfume. Right now I wear the Body Shop's grapefruit body spray. It's good enough.

  6. I kinda want to read Killing Reagan but I hate Bill O'Reilly...

    I recommend buying a good quality perfume even though it's expensive. Good ones last a lot longer on the skin and I think it's worth the price! You don't go through it as quickly because of that, too...of course, I'm not allowed to wear perfume at work so my bottles of perfume last me literally years...

  7. hahaha that shopping one. i am not supposed to be shopping right now.... but i *needed* new running shoes.

    i am not a fan of perfume. i bought a bottle of hilary duff's (i should be ashamed but i'm not) in 2011 and i'm still using it. i know some people love it though and i've heard the expensive stuff lasts longer, but.. eh.

  8. Hey friend, it makes me happy to catch back up with you via blog as I dive back into my own. As usual, I really enjoy your writing. We will be headed back to good ole' Fort Leonard Wood at the end of the year for the career course (CRAZY), but it won't be the same without my favorite Kirstins!

  9. That picture of your fur baby is all kinds of cute.

    Who's Brock Osweiler? (this is proof I've been away from the USA for as long as I have)

    I'm interested in what you have to say about Killing Reagan. I've truly heard nothing about it.

  10. I have heard not nice things about Nancy Reagan. Please report back.

    You make me want to go over and sniff that perfume at lunch. I'm in the market.


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