March 15, 2016


I stayed up way too late watching The Bachelor (spoiler) last night. I'm only slightly ashamed of this.  5am came a little too quickly. 


However, I will be doing a quick and effective Pilates workout before I leave for work and I'll probably do another longer workout this evening, simply because I have time.

We're halfway through March and that means I and thousands of others are halfway through the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge at The Balanced Life.

If you are feeling like you want to add in an EASY workout routine, form effective habits, or simply start something new, I highly recommend jumping on board with the second half of this challenge.  IT'S FREE! It's (more or less) painless! It encourage healthy habits, not quick fixes. Quick fixes (in my uncertified opinion) are always what people want (hello, Advocare), but there's no longevity and they promote feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Pilates is the opposite of that. You'll feel yourself making gains and progress without backsliding or losing it if you stop for a few days.

I would love to see you find the kind of success I have with Pilates. And, guys, I usually do Pilates in my pajamas with the t.v. on in the background. It's still just as effective without a high-maintenance trip to the gym.

The Balanced Life
Here's today's workout...inner thighs!...and it's a great place to begin. Just bookmark the website and go each morning to get your new workout. I'm loving the variety (I do SO many of her workouts more than once) and the fact it provides me daily motivation.

Let me know if you try it!


  1. I signed up for this and then never did it. For someone who is relatively active and fit, pilates is freaking hard! I'm so weak!! I know it'll get easier, but for some reason the last thing I wanted in my days that already feel too hard was one more thing I could half fail at. I'll get on board eventually.

  2. have never heard of this challenge before! I am going to go check it out right now! x, kenz

  3. It's like you were spying on my conversation with my husband last night. I was just saying that I need to get back into working out because I can see myself getting very flabby again (combined with needing to lose weight, it's not pretty to look at). I've never really given pilates a fair shot. Maybe I should. This seems easy enough (relatively speaking).

  4. I'm doing the challenge and love it! Granted, I was doing great till I missed the last two days because of illness, but I'll be right back to it now that I'm feeling better!

  5. I need to do pilates... I say this over and over again. Just gotta do it! My core is a mess and I know this will help.

  6. I did a couple weeks of the Blogilates for Beginners videos, but I found I couldn't do a lot of things that involved holding up your weight with your arms. I have a weak shoulder and I think I pulled it a bit. So I'm trying to mix some of the Pilates I could do (especially for legs) and some new Yoga poses I'm learning. It's still nice!


  7. Seriously, I have been loving the #30PilatesBody Challenge! I look forward to it each day. The only day I failed was this past Saturday. I was out an about almost all day with a friend, and I couldn't find the full length video that Robin assigned the Sisterhood. Other than that, I've been doing great. Sometimes, I feel like I should really repeat the daily workout, but I'm just out of time! :)

  8. This may be a stupid question, but does Pilates help with weight loss, or is it just about improving balance, muscle strength, and endurance? I enjoy cardio, like T25, but I am rubbish on the day where they have me do a lot of core exercises, like planks. I was wondering if this would be something I could use to supplement that. I'm not planning to start anything too crazy right now because, since I'm nursing, I cannot purposely try to lose too much weight or it can mess up my supply, but I would like to get in better shape at least, so that, when I'm ready to lose some of the extra pounds hanging around, I have the energy.


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