April 21, 2016

My $35 worth

Coat: JCPenney's // Skirt: Loft // Sweater: Target 
All of these clothes are at least a year old. Mix/match/shop-your-closet/etc.
I'm also wearing these booties, which are also 3.5 years old. 

This is not a springtime coat, but we've not had very springtime-ish weather this week, so it fits.

I bought this in the fall of 2011 for $35 at JCPenney's in Anchorage and I've worn it all over the country ever since. Ever fall and spring, it's my go-to jacket. It still looks at good as new.

Here it is in Boston in 2011.

All I remember from this picture is being exhausted from climbing up the monument at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The coat was removed during that. 

And on a beach in Maine that same week.

We've gotten around, my coat and I.

If you can find a jacket that has the structure of a coat but feels like a sweatshirt, I highly recommend it.

And as soon as I get home from school, the dogs have to sniff around a bit.


  1. It's a great coat! I love getting pieces that last and still look good!

  2. I love that jacket.i recently lost one similar, thanks, American Airlines.

  3. I love the coat, it's super versatile and cute.

  4. What a cute jacket! It's always nice when you find one that fits perfect and is versatile!

  5. haha my cats are always sniffing me when i get home too. i really want a coat that feels like a sweatshirt! i love that you have pictures all over the country in it. fun!


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