June 23, 2012

The Town. Charlestown

I usually don't post on Saturday.  Don't want to bombard you with too much great material.  Oh well.

Have you seen The Town?  Ben Affleck wrote this movie about his hometown, Charlestown.   It's part of Boston. 

You should know that I have an obsession with the city of Boston.  I've been there twice in the last two years.  I live in Alaska.  That's commitment. 

I spent Memorial Day weekend watching movies on my new-found HBO channel.

We had seen The Town in the theater last year, but I welcomed the chance to watch it again.
Bah-ston Harbor

Evidence of the Dunkin' Donuts.  The last time we were on the east coast, we stopped at DD no less than 11 times.

Italian District

Charlestown, from the top of the Battle of Bunker Hill Monument

B of B Hill Monument (notice my historical slang term)
If you ever get a chance, GO TO BOSTON!  Walk the Freedom Trail.  It starts downtown, right next to a Dunkin Donuts and ends in Charlestown at the Battle of Bunker Hill Monument.  I recommend a fall day, as I've been there in October and November.  The crooked streets, the brick buildings, the history of it all.  Fascinating.

(It also doesn't hurt that it takes you through a couple of shopping malls...)

In fact, I made up a Paul Revere powerpoint this past year.  I'm pretty sure  (not totally, but pretty sure), that the little darlings I taught were ready to say, "Please stop talking about Boston already."
It probably is difficult for these Alaskan kids (though more well-traveled than most kids) to relate to a place they can't envision.

Oh, The Town also has Jon Hamm Don Draper in it.  He plays a frustrated FBI investigator.  Strangely enough, he didn't drink scotch once in this movie.  Weird. 


 He was in Bridesmaids too. I'm guessing everyone but me connected that particular dot.


  1. we really liked that movie! I should watch it again. I've never been to boston but my sister lives in vermont so it should definitely happen sometime soon!!

  2. Boston is on the top of my list for U.S. cities I want to visit. Something about it just seems really interesting to me!
    I've wanted to see The Town for a while know...I just need to find it and watch it!

  3. I love Boston. It's been so many years since I was there. I was 15 and with my parents, so I'd love to go again. I remember the freedom trail and how tired I was at the end, lol. Oh, and my favorite part? Scouring Jamaica Plain for Joey McIntyre's house.

  4. Never been to Boston but now that you made it sound all awesome & stuff, I may just put it on our 'places to visit' list. Love this movie, btw. I always Ben Affleck was a bit of a horrible actor but in the recent years he's definitely been getting a lot better at it, and better looking.


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