March 17, 2016

More Screenshots from my iPad (S&T 3/17)

Stuff, Things, etc.

The first screenshots post was last week and got a good reception. Here's some more. I went back a year on my iPad for these. 

+Some horrific use of apostrophes.

+The way Facebook tracks your every (literal) move is super creepy.

+I think it's funny when people add commentary to "motivational" posters.

+I can't remember if I first saw this on Steph's blog, but I also found it on Pinterest once upon a time. 

+Knowing how to spell is important. 

+The absolute truth. 

+And then I had two of these within a month saved on my iPad. I'm not sure what that says about me. 


+How I'm operating these days.

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  1. This post had me full of giggles. I feel like "Bye Felicia" has gained popularity points since memes and gifs have been created. I see the Ice Cube one all the time! Brittany Speers? Maybe she's a haggard porn star that sorta, kinda, barely looks like Britney Spears? You said you like it when people add commentary to motivational posters. How about commentary to memes? That last meme...I should add the line, Then, my credit card statement arrives, and I'm sad again.

  2. Yep, the way ads (not just on FB but other pages, too) show something you've recently looked at is very creepy. Just when I think I'm used to it, I see an ad and say, "Wow... I was just looking..." Then I remember - I've been stalked!

    Amen to the Drew Carey/teacher meme! I had a parent express his concern and dislike over the fact that his child wasn't progressing as fast as he thought she should (in terms of her speech). When I asked, "How many minutes a day do you practice the things that she and work on speech?" His answer - we don't. Sure, buddy, the 30 minutes I have her in speech a week is going to completely fix all those speech sound errors...

    Fun post! Gave me some morning laughs which I needed!

  3. It may not be your circus or your monkeys but I wish it were easy to walk away especially when those people don't let you out of the circus.

    Thanks for the laughs - happy st paddy's day!

  4. I have a not my circus not my monkeys mug!

    Apostrophe abuse hurts my soul.

  5. Oh West Point lol...this doesn't surprise me.

  6. HAHA! The one about "I'm Sorry" and "My bad" at a funeral! Priceless!

    And what DID they have in those pillows at West Point??? lol

  7. Hahaha, the e-card is my fave! And something I should remind myself of more often when people and their crazy suck me in!

  8. I love the BYE FELICIA ones! I tend to say that a lot so I find it comical.

    And the last thing about being sad and then buying something online...that totally was me the other day. #idontregretit lol

  9. Hahaha all of these are great. The funeral one is definitely true!


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