March 18, 2016

ABC Update: 3ish months later

Things I'm not going to do:

Track books in a serious and/or competitive way (even if I'm just competing with myself).  
My library is kind of awful (both of is that possible?) so I'm hoping to really dig into actual books over spring break. Until then, I've been devouring audiobooks. And that's okay.

Stop doing schoolwork at home.  I've actually started doing this again because Scott's not around and what does it matter? I've set up shop at the kitchen table. No need for my desk when I have a whole house. 

Stuff I won't compromise on:

Pilates.  The #30daysPilatesbody Challenge has been amazing for my mindset and I've spread the word to many people about Pilates. Knowing the peace it's given me (it's not all about the cardio, friends), I'm glad I've been able to share that with others. 

Walking the dogs. With the extra light in the morning and at night, we've got plenty of time to walk and I don't feel rushed like I did in December and January.  

Meal-planning.  This is terrible. I end up having smoothies and crackers for dinner a lot of nights. I will say that the physical act of grocery shopping is going well. I'm not buying a ton of stuff (deployment always saves us money in this regard), but I'm also not really cooking, unless it's on the weekends. Last weekend, I went to Trader Joe's for the first time since last summer, just because I don't need to go to the commissary each weekend now and that is really quite nice.
This is neither here or there (eh, maybe it does fit in well actually...), but I had twizzlers and pepsi for lunch the other day. I did not pack anything the night before. That's how badly meal-planning is going. The presence of someone else usually pushes me to cook, plan, and prep, so it's just not happening. I'm going to try a little harder after spring break. Coming home from work, cooking dinner, and immediately packing my lunch for the next day isn't always appealing to me. 

New things I'm adding in:

Cardio.  Oh my.  I kind of stopped going to spin class and I stopped going simply because it wasn't doing anything for me. I didn't have sore muscles after. I wasn't particularly out of breath or fatigued.  It didn't even give me as much energy as it used to in the hours after class. It just wasn't worth the stress of showing up early (class is crowded) and spending an hour+ of my Saturday on a bike, in a room. 
I'll pick it back up again this summer.  I walk outside each day and I do Pilates each day, so I tell myself that's okay for now. 

De-cluttering.  I'm still doing this. Scott actually gave away two garbage bags of clothes to another soldier a few weeks ago and that was a surprise.  He came home from work, and cleaned out his closet. It was very random and very wonderful.  At this time, I'm working my way through the basement and the sheds. I set a timer for an hour each weekend day and I work, work, work, sometimes going past the timer.  

I started taking a new route to school. It takes me about 4 minutes longer because there's a 4-way stop and a couple of lights, but I have the right of way the whole way. I had been taking a shorter route, mileage-wise, but there was an awful intersection where I'd have to sit and wait for sometimes a minute (the horror) because I'd have to cross traffic. It was weirdly stressful, not knowing if I'd shoot right through or have to stop and watch 6 lanes of traffic and wait for a chance to go. This was a huge frustration at 7:45am, so I just eliminated that completely. 

How are your resolutions and changes for 2016 going?

Life According to Steph


  1. I LOVE Pilates. I think it's a great mind and body work out!! I had to laugh about the "who needs a desk when I have the whole house" comment... because that's definitely me despite all my impulses!! Your husband cleaned out his closet unannounced?! Sign me up for that!!

  2. I hate intersections like that. Good call on the go around.

    I need to get back on decluttering.

  3. I've been doing that Pilates challenge for a few days and it's been fun! So thanks for sharing :)

  4. I'm right there with ya on the meal planning. It's usually just me and my two boys who are extremely basic/picky eaters. It's so hard to be motivated to cook for just one person, but I really need to get on the ball.

  5. I have to say again that I'm loving the daily Pilates challenge!

    I'm actually doing much better with meal planning....this week marks the 4th in a row that I have a plan. I understand what you mean about having someone around pushes you to cook. Sometimes it's just not worth it for one!

  6. Cardio is one of the things I struggle with most when I'm working out. I don't even know why. I don't hate it, but I'd just much rather do yoga. (And, to be fair, I generally get my heartrate up and work up a sweat while I'm doing yoga unless I'm specifically trying to relax and unwind.) I used to do Pilates years ago, though, so maybe I'll try that again in an effort to switch things up a bit. One of my seasonal goals is also to spend more time outdoors, so maybe that will push me to walk/jog outside more often.

    I also 100% agree that having someone else around makes it much more motivating to meal plan and cook. My husband has been out of town for most of the week, and I've basically been eating like shit (a.k.a. convenience foods) since he's been gone. I don't feel like making an effort to cook for just me, so I don't. He gets back late Monday night, so hopefully next week I can get back into my usual meal planning routine.

  7. i love the sound of your new route to work. it sounds silly but i totally know what you mean about it being stressful, knowing you have a weird intersection coming up and i try and avoid them at all times haha. my meal planning has been non existent right now. and who cares about spin if you weren't liking it or it wasn't doing anything for you, sounds like you are killing it at pilates!


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