March 3, 2016

Dog Stuff and Things 3/3

1. I found this picture of baby Jett and couldn't not share it. Holy cow. Such a fluffy little disobedient ginger this one was. Scott has often talked about a third dog, but I worry another would be just like Jett. I wouldn't be able to handle it. 
I will say that Jett is incredibly loyal and always knows exactly what I want him to do. He just doesn't always do it. He has grown into his personality though and listens better than the other one because he just wants to make us happy. I stand by my theory that he's so crazy because he's a ginger. My friend has a 3 year old ginger child. He and Jett are kindred spirits.

2.  I can't even look at pictures of baby Scout without wanting to snuggle him to death. And when I try to snuggle him, he sometimes growls because, as I've said in the past, he's barely tolerant of me.
Oh alright...

Okay, one more...

3.  These are the best brushing chews I've come across.  Our dogs hate having their teeth cleaned.  I always gave them Greenies but I don't know that they were doing much for tartar and plaque. Brushing is one of those things I don't do often enough because they make it difficult. So when Scott randomly came home with this Milkbone variety, I noticed that their teeth were much cleaner. I noticed a difference after just a few bones. They're cheaper than Greenies too, but doesn't sell them, which is really annoying. I have to remember to buy them when I'm out. 

4. Jett's birthday is next week so I bought him and Scout each a toy just because they love unwrapping things. 

Jett decided to pull it out the shopping bag on the way home from the store. He's so sneaky. It's the ginger in him. 

5. Speaking of Jett, he's no longer going to obedience school.  He didn't graduate (exactly). It was more like it became a waste of our Sunday morning time. We did 6 of 8 classes. The first couple were good, though he was always terribly behaved. I then realized that he just needed to wear his shock collar because he responds like a champion when he has that thing on. We just use the vibrate function to cue him. I never, honestly, liked the idea of treat-training him. 
And there was one instructor for the first few classes and I really liked him.  He knew how to run a class and make you feel welcome. Then they switched instructors and the new ladies...not so much. As a teacher myself, I noticed that the lack of a real lesson plan for each class was annoying. It was more of a hassle to drive the hour there and back every Sunday. I also came to the realization that Jett is a hunting dog and he's just not made the same way as a lot of the other dogs in the class. 
Also, he got SO much better with his behavior in general from summer to winter. I really can't attribute this to the class; I think he just kind of grew up a little. I do use "leave it" when I want him to stay away from something and push him down with my knee when he jumps. 

Stuff, Things, etc.
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  1. The shock collar does wonders for our dog too!

  2. I'm not into the treat training. My dogs suck at all training things, but Gus has learned to sit for treats. He got that from his acupuncturist. LOL

  3. This post made my fur-mom ovaries sigh (haha, I have real baby fever right now) - Gigi knows what I want from her too - Oskar, not so much. But it's so entertaining and amazing to tell her something and she knows

  4. All those puppy faces!! I want to take a nap in a blanket of puppies.

    Treat training worked for Dobie but not Barkley. Barkley is mostly indifferent to food. Dobie, however, will eat anything. Literally. ANYTHING.

  5. Other people's puppies are so cute. ;) This does makes me want a new kitten, though. Because baby animals in general are just the bomb.

  6. OH my gosh they are so freakin adorable! Those eyes! This makes me miss my childhood dog. We never trained him and he always got into everything like your Jett, but he was such a happy, loving dog. How old are yours?

  7. I saw that first pic and was like "she got another dog" but nope!! They are still cuties though

  8. ohmyGOSH puppies!! jett is adorable and then i saw scout and almost texted KC like we need a puppy now haha.
    okay, i love love love love LOVE Millie and I would never ever ever ever un-get her or get rid of her... but 2 is the magic number. lol. 3 was a mistake. however, i love her and would never take her back or change it, but yeah. she's a devil cat.

  9. They are such adorable dogs. My dogs are hunting dogs, and I agree that they are wired differently than other dogs. My older dog is almost 9, and she still has an obnoxious streak to her. Lucky for her, I love her to pieces.

  10. I'm a dog-a-holic . . . those two are adorable! Love a new link up . . . can't wait to read more of your blog!

  11. I have a shock collar that I use on my dog, Lily. She went through puppy school and two trainers before I found a company that really worked for her. The shock collar hasn't been on her in a few months (which is really should since she has her bipolar tendencies) but it does work! It especially works well when I have walked her with it because she listens a lot better and doesn't pull on the leash.


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