May 6, 2014

Tuesday things. (mostly puppy things)

1.  The April Wallet Watch.
My Goals: 

Don't make random ice cream runs to Culver's for mint oreo concrete mixers (v-e-r-y specific because I realized I had a problem)
I went to Culver's once because we were on our way home from fishing and Scott suggested it and I'd just suffered through 1.5 hours outside with the bugs.  So we went to Culver's.  

Don't online shop.
I bought some loose leaf tea online.  I couldn't find it in the stores.
I hopped back on the shopping bandwagon this week with a customized address stamp and some Bare Minerals makeup to lay in a supply before we move and address changes complicate life.

No more soda at school
No soda!  I think I broke the habit!  My twice-a-week-latte-problem on the other hand…

2.  So the new guy is cute.  I don't know if any dog could ever be as cute as Scout was.  Don't get me wrong.  I smush Jett's little face with kisses and snuggles about twenty times a day.  He's incredibly roly-poly and uncoordinated, which is really quite adorable.

Jett is also quite willful.  He will let you know when he is not happy.  In fact, our dogs seem to have more personality than a lot of people I know.  Since Jett is the second one, like with children I would assume, we're a lot more relaxed.  He sleeps where he wants, eats when Scout eats, and every accident he has isn't the end of the world.  

Scout was horrified that Jett decided to dig into the dog food in the doggie travel-bag.  He kept looking up at me like, "Are you seeing this?" and looking at Jett like "This is not allowed, friend."

He burrows to feel safe.  That's our friend's laptop that he took a pup-nap behind.

He also makes lots of baby noises.  When he yawns, especially.  It's a little too adorable.  I wish you could hear it.  Or, maybe not, because then you'll be out buying puppies.  He also gets huffy and grunty a lot.  Perhaps the French coming out in him? (kidding…kind of)
He's 8 weeks right now, so quite soon we'll be starting commands.  He's not 100% house trained, obviously, but we're getting there.  At night, if he has to go, he'll wake you up by clawing at your face so you'll take him outside.  Scott has the scars to prove it.  
As for Scout, he's adjusting well.  A few weeks ago, he'd stopped eating and was refusing to sleep with us.  He'd get all huffy and curl up on the floor somewhere.  Now, he eats his food right away and sleeps right at my feet.  I think he fears that he's going to be replaced if he doesn't follow the rules.  Note:  I really don't care if he sleeps with us or not.  Dogs in beds have always bothered me.  As long as he's clean, it's comforting to have him there, especially if Scott's not home.  

3.  I'm already stressed out and it's only Tuesday morning.  In addition to ALL THE PHONE CALLS I had to make yesterday, I had two phone interviews for jobs in Colorado and a full day of 2nd graders.  Plus, looking around at half my belongings in boxes sets my nerves on edge.  It's still slightly better than movers coming in and upending your life all in one day, I suppose.

4.  That was pretty much all puppy stuff. Are you ready to go buy one yet?  If you're interested in an Epagneul Breton


  1. I freaking love puppies. They are like babies in a lot of ways. Especially in the getting up at night ways.

    Good job on the Wallet Watch! Culvers was totally necessary.

  2. I can't handle this post. Jett and Scout are just TOO cute together! And this post just solidifies the fact that if we lived near each other we'd be bffs for life! Plus, I might steal your dogs while you sleep. But at least you'd know where to find them--and that they're loved :-D Take the move one day at a time--thinking about the entirety of everything is FAR too overwhelming!

  3. You know I will never complain about puppy posts ;)

  4. Oh those puppies! Love!

    I am obsessed with shopping online, it's sad lol.

  5. I really want some mint concrete now ;-) I want a puppy! Puppy breath and snuggles! I'm never home though so I'll just live vicariously through your pictures :)

  6. Yeah - when we just rescued our newest Aussie, we always say there's not going to be another one as beautiful & smart as Sydney... so I get what you're saying.

    I love that the older ones look at you like "DO YOU SEE WHAT"S HAPPENING?" ... they know they cant get away with it.

    We used to take Sydney out for extra special attention with each new dog we've brought in. Let her know she still rules the roost :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I just want to snuggle and smash Jett's little face! What a love!!!!!

    Thanks for linking up with Steph and me! :-)

  8. AWWWW the photo of them sleeping together - adorable! Good job not shopping online last month!

  9. Umm, so that picture of Jett curled up on Scout is BEYOND adorable. Too cute!

  10. Jett is adorable! I love that picture of Jett and Scout napping together.

  11. Jett is so stinkin cute! When do you guys move to Colorado? We'll be there in a little over a month! So not prepared for our move yet!

  12. Culver's. I did mint M&M and boy was it good. It opened at the end of May while we were there and we left in Sept -- super hot outside, super good ice-cream, bad combo!

  13. I love puppies!!! I want more dogs but my husband fears we'll have too many and getting a third one will be the gateway to us ending up on an episode of animal hoarders.

    As a tea junkie, I fully believe that if you cannot find what you like in the store, buying it online is a necessity and therefore a totally justifiable expense.

  14. Jett is super cute, and I still love Scout, too, of course! How did your phone interviews go?

  15. Jett is freaking adorable. I love his coloring. How is Scout taking to him?

    You did pretty well on the Wallet Watch thing.

  16. OMG! So freaking cute. I love the pic of the 2 of them sleeping together. So sweet. I wish I lived near you so I could come over and cuddle w/ that adorable puppy!


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