May 8, 2014

Stuff and Things 5/8

+Few complaints out of me this week.

+Scout's friend Ruby sent him a toy.  He totally knew it was for him and he knew it was a gift because he was very excited.  My friend Rachel and a puppy are photo bombing the background.
As Rachel said, "Ruby has very nice handwriting".
Ruby is a goldendoodle.  Kayla has very nice handwriting.  

+Is it weird that I've now known that we're going to Colorado for like 2 months and I still haven't said anything to Facebook?  Also, we got the new puppy and all and I haven't posted anything about him either.  I have this weird thing where I want people to read here and find this stuff out, but I don't want to advertise my blog on Facebook because I don't want anyone to know about it.

+I've been on the hunt for a water bottle for a few weeks now.  I can't find one I like.  (Isn't this ridiculous?)  I've actually been drinking an insane amount of water lately (and feeling much better for it!), so it makes sense that I want to like what I'm drinking out of.  I bit the bullet and ordered from Tervis yesterday.  My co-worker insists it's the best bottle ever.  I guess we'll see.  My cousin actually persuaded me to buy my first water bottle 4 years ago.  I got it at Target in Anchorage and its place was on my desk at school ever since. The lid broke just a few months ago, and that was kind of traumatic for me.

(We won't talk about how much this cost.)

+Last week, we had to go to a cocktail party at one of Scott's professor's house.  It was interesting to listen to "intellectuals" who have no idea what it's like in the trenches of education… talk to each other about education.  It was exhausting.  Because we all know how I feel about MS&T in the first place, right?


  1. That's partly the #1 reason I'm not on facebook anymore. I have the same weird thing about my blog. Everyone knows about it (few people don't) but it bothers me when I've written the whole explanation about something on my blog and people still ask me for the story. Can't I just be like "go read my blog? That's why I wrote it in the first place so I don't have to tell the same dang story 100 times over." I love the tervis water bottles but can't spring the bucks. I drink out of my regular tervis daily with a lid and disposable straw! J bought it for me a few years before we married.

  2. That weather looks awesome!! And I've never actually bought a water bottle. Our college really liked giving our water bottles...between Angel and I we have a full shelf of various types of water bottles and thermoses emblazoned with our college logo...

  3. Your dog's face. It's just funny, but in a good way. ;)

    Choosing a new water bottle is so stressful for me. I can never find one I love. I don't even love the one I have... because it leaks. Damn thing.

  4. A lot of my husband's friends are insanely smart, and went to some prestigious universities. I did not, lol. When we get together, and they talk and talk and talk about things I feel like they have no idea what real life is like for "normal" people, lol. I feel a little better at least because at least I have common sense, lol.

  5. Yup, I'm the same way with Facebook (and the blog). I hadn't posted any photos from 2014 until yesterday when my cousin BEGGED me to post some of her kids that I've taken. I also don't share my blog with FB, though some of my IRL friends do know about it because my two lives share an IG.

  6. How can people read here if you don't direct them here? LOLOL

    Kayla has super nice handwriting. Much better than mine, a person's. I love that Scout got mail!

    I can always entertain myself alone, but in a crowd sometimes I'd just rather go home and read or something. I don't think I've ever said, "I'm bored" in my life. That actually annoys me when people say it. Ooh that gave me a blog post idea.

  7. Your Facebook Catch 22 makes me laugh a bit. hehe I do use Facebook to advertise my blog because there's no one there I feel the need to keep it secret from.

    I love how excited Scout was for his gift!! :)

  8. None of my FB friends know about my blog and I intend on keeping it that way.

  9. I *never* advertised my blog on Facebook. I rarely advertised on Twitter, too...I liked it being a secret to everyone who knows me in real life.

    I must know if you like your water bottle after you get it. I've been on the hunt for a new one for a while too and haven't found one I like. I'm currently using a huge Camelbak and it's okay, but not amazing.

    Send some of those temps my way!!! I'm in boots and a sweater and jacket today, at 45 degrees. Boo hiss.

  10. Isn't it adorable how they know certain things are for them? I bought a few things for Gigi through Amazon and as soon as they got to the apartment she jumped all over the package and kept rubbing her face all over it. Honestly, it was probably just because she wanted her scent on it but I'll stick to my crazy notions that she knew it was for her :)


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