November 12, 2015

Stuff and Things I've Seen Lately

I didn't say anything about Veterans Day yesterday and I feel bad about that, but I don't know what there is to say that hasn't already been said.  Obviously I'm grateful for everything the members of the military have ever done for me. Scott has been away for a giant chunk of our marriage. My brother has been deployed several times. My grandfather spent 2 years of his life in Germany during WWII. My other grandfather trained soldiers during WWII. I had uncles in Vietnam. When I think of veterans, I think of how they sacrifice time away, living years of their lives in places no one wants to go, and being willing to give their lives for their country.  It's hard to really put all of that into words when you, as a military spouse, see the reality of it. 

My connection to Veterans Day is that I always have professional development at school (whatever school I happen to be at) while Scott enjoys time away to hunt or fish for the weekend (because, hey, it's his holiday) but he's in the field now so I'm guessing it's not the most awesome Veterans Day from his point-of-view. 
However, we wrote our letters to veterans on Tuesday at school and I told the kids they could write to "Mr. Darhower" if they had no one else to write to.  There should be some gems.  


Seen on the internet lately...

I think I might decorate this weekend.  Is that too early? I mean, I probably won't put up my tree until Thanksgiving break...


I dare someone to make this and report back. If you live to tell about it. 


People who don't know what they're talking about bother me. 
This is something a "health coach" posted. And I put that in quotations because I think it's a self-proclaimed title. I had a candida infection once and it is indeed yeast, not bacteria.  Bacteria is what fights it.  I ate nothing but yogurt and raw cranberries and drank nothing but water for weeks.  It was awful. I'm also pretty sure that plain greek yogurt would do the trick. I remember the doctor telling me that yogurt is yogurt, unless you're looking at calories. But that was 2010, before the rise of the self-proclaimed "coaches", so who knows. Also (again), I'm pretty sure if candida was a bacteria, a doctor could give you an antibiotic and it would be gone and there would be no need for expensive yogurt. 


This was Saturday.  I'm terrible at responding to text messages anyway so, when I get a wrong number, I ignore it in hopes that it'll go away.  This one didn't. My responses are the green.

She seemed so sure of herself.  I wanted to know more: Who's Cheryl? How does this person know Rob? What happened to pappy's door?
But the mystery texter figured it out before I could continue the conversation. 


I was near infuriated on Sunday.  I was watching the Steelers game and they cut out right before overtime to go to the Broncos game.  I hate the Broncos.  I didn't hate them before I moved here but now I do because I can't stand the blue and orange everywhere. (I'm a terrible person.)

So I was forced to go to and watched the final minutes like this.

At least it ended well.

Stuff, Things, etc.

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  1. I've made that hot chocolate and it is so good!!!! It is definitely worth making. :)

  2. I really like your paragraph on Veterans Day - they do spend years of their lives in places no one wants to go.

    I always laugh so hard when people are certain they have the right number. No! I know, this is my number. You have the wrong one.

  3. Bahaha that text conversation is priceless. You're left with so many questions...

  4. I start Christmas shopping mid November but I refuse to decorate until December 1st, I'm in the minority though. Our local wal-mart was rolling out the Christmas stuff before Halloween.

  5. I HATE having to watch a game on ESPN. I mean it's 2015, can't we just live stream everything and be done with it?

  6. My husband is a Broncos fan so the fact that you hate them makes me laugh. As did that texting conversation, particularly the part where she told you she didn't have the wrong number.

    And yes, it's too early to decorate for Christmas.

  7. People posting things like that little speech about drives me nuts. This is why I never take anything on the internet at face value. RESEARCH, people.

    I'm pretty sure I got diabetes just from reading that hot chocolate recipe.

    And no, it's not too early to decorate for Christmas. Maybe people with lots of family and friends and such like to wait until like the day before but those of us who need things to keep us cheerful definitely decorate early. Christmas > Thanksgiving.

  8. I say decorate whenever BC Christmas is all around, its like stores forgot about turkey day. I will never learn to buy my turkey stuff over the summer BC I sure as heck can't find it now.

  9. We made that hot chocolate on Christmas morning two years ago! It was very very good but very very rich, I couldn't drink much of it!

  10. Your text conversation made me laugh out loud!!

    That is not cool to cut to the Broncos game when the other game wasn't over. Crazy Broncos fans...


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