November 11, 2015


Leggings: Athleta // Shirt: TJ Maxx (2 years ago) 
Boots: Madden Girl // Scarf: Target (and Jett ripped a hole in it so this might be its last season)

I was talking to Joey the other day, and I made the point of saying that whatever clothing you see on this blog is exactly what I wore to work and it's exactly how I wore it to work.  I'm not one for playing dress-up and I don't wear a lot of accessories or extras because I work with children and they get in the way (sometimes both the accessories and the children, actually). And shoes?  It's boots in the winter and sandals in the summer. It's that funny springtime weather I always struggle with.

Also, I put on sweatpants or gym shorts (season-dependent) exactly 2.5 seconds after each photo is taken because I take these pictures after school.

And I'm usually telling the dogs to stay as the automatic timer is going off, lest they blur up the picture.

And this day was cold, so Scott's giant camo coat that I wear when I walk the dogs was sitting just out of the frame.

I'm not sure how I feel about these boots.  They're not as fabulous as my other brown ones but the other brown ones are 3 years old and boots don't last forever.  These were bought preemptively, just in case the others fall apart or something.  Always be prepared and whatnot.

Do you have favorite boots? Where are they from?


  1. Boots are a sore point for me. I currently have a pair that are comfy but look not cute, and a pair that look slightly better but give me blisters. I have freakishly long legs so it's hard to find boots that fit my calves rather than cutting them off in a strange place, and I've not yet found a pair that works... The search continues. I think your boots look great though, definitely worthy of being promoted from backup boots!

  2. I like the smiling photo!

    I got a pair of Born boots from the Nordstrom sale this year. I love them and I feel like I'll have them for 50 years.

  3. I have 2 pair of boots (black and brown) that I got from a store called Stage. I love them!

  4. I'm the same way as you. I love boots in the fall/winter and sandals in the summer, and it is so hard to figure out what to wear in the in-between. I do like these boots, though. The buckle on the side of them is cute :)

  5. I like the boots! I have some really similar ones...might even be the same ones but I'd have to compare side by side and I'm not wearing those today.

    These have been my favorite brown boots for the last year (I bought them Sept. 2014), and they're still going strong. I literally wear them probably 3-5 times a week.

  6. I absolutely love your fashion pictures and always have because they depict real life! Plus--your style is definitely something I would copy. My favorite boots were $20 at Rack Room years ago. I found them on sale again a few years ago but they're worn out again.

  7. I always love your outfits! We have similar taste. I come home (or to the gym) and change into work out clothes. Then it's usually pjs shortly thereafter. It's real life.

    My favorite pair of boots are Steve Madden, too, I think. I was searching for brown riding boots on Vinted and scored an amazing pair. I want to wear them all the time, but I want them to last forever!! lol Such a catch 22.

  8. I like the boots! Buckles on boots are a predictable favorite feature of mine. I had a nice brown pair that I left in the US and I noticed one of my college sisters wearing them in a picture she took the other day. Those were awesome boots.
    My outfit pictures are usually taken on Angel's day off (typically Friday) when we're heading out to do errands or some such thing. Lots of times I love my outfit but I'm way too lazy to find someone to take pictures for me (and I never take them for myself).

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