August 4, 2015

Lemon-Lime Bars

Recipe challenge, week thirty-one.

I thought Scott coming home would make me want to cook more.  It's actually made me want to cook less.  I'm back on the menu planning train, but I don't really feel particularly creative these days.  I just feel drained in general.  I blame the heat. And the fact that I'm back in a construction zone.  The inside of the house isn't torn apart like it was last summer, but there's work being done, especially outside, so that leads to general messiness (The lesson I've learned is that things always have to get worse before they get better, concerning remodeling).

So this is another flashback recipe, but it is 110% worth sharing again.

Circa 2011

Last week, we went to a friend's house and I took dessert.  I didn't really have to but it seemed like the nice thing to do and, if we all recall, that's what old Kristin (pre-Colorado Kristin) would do.  When I was contemplating what to make, I just started going through my Recipe Index.  I found these Lemon-Lime Bars from way back in 2011.

I really like lemon bars, but I like them to be extra tangy.  I've found that the way to accomplish this is to add lime.  You can add coconut to the crust and the top if you like, but I didn't this time because I didn't know about any potential allergies.

A 17 year old pronounced them to be really good, so that probably means they're really good.

I knew I'd start "cheating" on this recipe challenge sooner or later, but oh well.  I'm busy. I've been building a shed.

Scott's helping.


  1. I know you've categorized this as a dessert but I think I would also chow down on it as a snack!

  2. lol @ you've been building a shed. that's awesome!
    the only time i like lemon is in dessert. so i need to try this, obviously.

  3. Those sound amazing, I love anything with lemon and lime flavors.

  4. Yummm. This looks really tasty. Nice work on the shed! I wouldn't even know where to start.

  5. I love love love lemon bars. Great idea to add lime.

  6. Ha! I'm sure you're building the shed just like I built a shed with my Scott. I fetched tools a lot. And strained to hold up heavy pieces of stuff while he put them in place.....


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