August 5, 2015

Food I Love (and Food I Hate)

There are some foods I really love that I'm sure 99% of you could simply do without altogether.

1.  Candy Corn.
If you've been around here for any amount of time, you already know this.  I love candy corn.  It is everything that is perfect and good and sweet in this world.  In fact, I now buy it year-round.

2.  BWW Chipotle Dry Rub Boneless Wings. 
Every once in a while, I get a wing craving that will not go away unless I answer it.  Or feed it, in this case.  I particularly adore this variety from Buffalo Wild Wings, and I am aware they're really just seasoned chicken tenders.  Bone-in wings are too much work in this modern-day, lazy society I suppose.
Anyway, I eat wings maybe 2-3 times a year.  I had them in June, with my brother, and we took the leftovers home (before that, I hadn't had them since last June).  He ate them for breakfast before I could get to them.  I was miffed.  But he had paid for them so oh well.
Last weekend, I got this wing craving again and convinced Scott we needed to pick up some on our way home from Lowe's (note: it was completely out of the way). I ate four when we got home, planned on having the rest for breakfast the next day and...he had friends over that night and he gave away my wings.  I almost started to cry because I was losing my leftovers again.  I was in a terrible mood all weekend and he knew better than to make me cry, so I was able to steal half back for myself before succumbing to "love thy neighbor".

3.  Unsweetened tea.
I don't like sweet tea.  I like it straight.  Preferably from Dunkin Donuts, but I can make it at home too if necessary.  It makes the perfect accompaniment to a bag of candy corn, really. I know so many people who can't drink unsweet tea and I'm often ashamed to offer it as a beverage choice because of this. It's just my personal preference so that's what I make, but I know many people can't stand it.  I offer sugar to stir in but I'm aware it's "not the same".

Onto food items I won't touch with a 10-foot pole...
1.  Salmon.  The flavor, the smell, the texture.  I'm not a fan.
2. Cottage cheese.  Ew.
3. Tuna.  Double ew.
4. Meatloaf. The worst.
5. Sometimes bananas. I'm really weird about bananas. They're okay once in awhile. The smell of ripe bananas is terrible though.
6. Hard-boiled eggs. The smell...
7. McDonald's.  I stand against McDonald's on principle (though I've probably only eaten there a dozen times...I don't eat burgers but I would touch them with a 10 foot pole so they didn't make this list).  I hate that McDonald's, in their commercials, makes you try to believe you can have a healthy, active lifestyle as you're eating McDonald's.  It doesn't really work that way.

We went out to dinner a couple of nights ago and Scott's friends picked the place. Before we left, I asked where we were going and Scott said, "A place that only serves meatloaf and salmon".
Every time we go to someone's house for dinner, he tells me that he told them my favorite food is meatloaf and that's what we should have.

What food do you love that seems crazy?  And/or what food won't you go near?
(This can tell you a lot about people. Also, I feel like I've written a similar post before...)


  1. I am not a candy corn fan...bone-in chicken of any kind grosses me out...and unsweetened tea is really the only way to drink it. I love salmon and tuna (really all seafood) and bananas are great 99% of the time. McDonalds should never be eaten by anyone, ever, but I feel that way about all fast food.

    I also agree about meatloaf. I'm not a red meat fan in general but red meat in a soggy loaf is even worse.

    I think the weirdest food I like is black licorice. I've loved it ever since I was a little kid. My dad introduced me to Black Jack gum when I was like five years old and I've never looked back.

  2. I've never had candy corn. Now I think I'm missing out, as I generally love anything sweet. I don't really understand meatloaf as a concept. It's not really a thing here so I made it once from a recipe and kept thinking, is this right? This can't be right. I don't like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, or anything vaguely aniseed-y. This makes Autumn flavoured things a bit of a challenge for me!

  3. I think you already know that I share your love for candy corn. It's the best. I generally don't eat any of the things on your not-eat list, although once in a while I'l eat Salmon or meatloaf if I have to. I've had an aversion to McD's since childhood. Apparently I scarred my parents by crying when they took me there.

  4. Yes to salmon and cottage cheese, no thanks!

  5. I am the same way! I hate salmon! I had a roommate in Spain (one of my good friends) who decided to FRY it in a pan while the rest of us (there were a total of 5 in the apartment) were at last. When we came back it REEKED in our apartment. The smell is disgusting! My mom also keeps trying to get me to try cottage cheese but I would rather not.

  6. Except for bananas, I agree with that entire list you posted. I will on a blue moon eat meatloaf if its at a family dinner but I cannot prepare it so we don't eat it.

    This family loves loves loves tea. We love it so much that when we go out to restaurants, I will joke with the waiter that they need to double fist the tea refills for Keith because he drinks it up the moment its set down.

  7. I don't eat shellfish at all and I'm weird with eggs. Basically I will only eat the ones my husband cooks because he loads them with cheese or salsa to make them not taste like eggs anymore. I love beets and brussels sprouts and if I see them on a menu, I order them almost every time.

  8. I can't stand sweet tea, or really any sweet drink. I even water down juice. The only foods I absolutely loathe are celery, water chestnuts, and jicama. I think it has something to do with the crunchy/watery texture. I'm also not a fan of ground beef (I do ground turkey), which means I'm not a fan of hamburgers.

  9. I agree with you 10-foot list. All of those things aren't for me. I've tried salmon before but I just don't love it. I'll eat McD's but it's out of desperation while travelling. If there's nothing else around or that's where the bus has stopped, then I'll make do and I ONLY get nuggets and fresh fries.

    As for candy corn - I WANT IT ALL!!!!!

  10. I like a lot of your no foods.

    I hate candy corn! I should do this post. It would be l like opposite day.

  11. I am with you for just about all of your "no" foods. I have been seeing so much candy corn year-round, and I definitely have thought of you when my husband says, "who buys this stuff in June?!?!" haha!

  12. I share your dislike for a lot of your "no" foods.

    Sweet tea - gross. Meatloaf - hate it.

    Bananas are weird. I like them. But like them when they're just barely yellow with NO brown. I also can't stand packing bananas in my lunch because I feel like everything else in the bag smells and tastes like bananas and that makes me gag.

  13. Mmmm candy corn!!! I haven't had any since last Halloween but gosh I love it! And the pumpkins that they put out around that time that are like candy corn on the outside but squishy on the inside with marshmallow or some goodness. MMMM! I like meatloaf, but only my one elses. My favorite foods are anything Mexican, sushi, and burgers. I do not like most fish, okra, grits, or the smell of boiled eggs. My bananas have to be just right, not overly ripe because then they are gross!

  14. Ugh, candy corn. I DO know how much you love it. I was sorting construction paper the other day, and it just happened to be laid out on the desks in a way that reminded me of candy corn. I thought of you. I need my iced tea as sweet as can be. McDonald's does, in fact, make the best sweet tea imaginable.

    Foods I love tend to involve pasta and lots of sauce. Or pizza. I really just love pizza.

  15. I LOVE Candy Corn!! I can't stand grapefruit, bell peppers, or black licorice. I love bananas but ONLY if they're barely ripe, I can't stand them with any brown or black on them or all mushy, YUCK!

  16. cottage cheese freaks me out. so weird. i have never had candy corn before! i do love some tuna though. i'm really weird with bananas, i can't handle them with blemishes or anything so normally i close my eyes and shove them in a blender for a smoothie lol. i like mcdonalds, i don't particularly like the food, but i like the business because i worked there when i was younger. however, american mcdonalds is so so so crap compared to australian mcdonalds (in both food and business...).

  17. I am obsessed with the avocado green curry at my local Thai place. It's so good. I would eat it weekly (maybe multiple times a week) if I could. But I can't afford it, and I have a feeling it's not all that good for me either.

    I'm not a fan of tuna. I know it has all these health benefits, but I cannot stand it.

  18. Pretty much your entire hate list is mine too. I'm a picky person (well, I say that but really, I don't like condiments and I don't like salmon and people think that's insane). You know what really bugs me? That they have hard boiled eggs in those to-go packs at the airport and on planes. WHY?


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