July 2, 2015

Stuff and Things 7/2

+Who's watching Under the Dome?  Who is loving Under the Dome?

I have so many thoughts on this show.  

+I always use Google Docs for almost everything school/work-related.  Jump drive? No thanks.  I had everything pertinent saved on a jump drive two years ago and it just died.  I tried it on several different computers and it never worked again.  I shall never trust such devices again.  Google Docs has some fantastic fonts too.  I never could figure out how to take a font from a website/font-acquiring-place and transfer it to my blog or word documents.

+I put this desk together all by myself and that's the first and only piece of furniture I've ever put together by myself.

+I'm working pretty hard at getting the word out there about Rodan+Fields. If you don't have a skincare routine you love, a routine that's doing what you want it to do for you, it might be worth a try.
Disappointing skin is annoying.  It affects your whole life from the second you wake up in the morning.  I want people to realize that they don't have to be disappointed with their skin.  If you think you've tried everything, this might be what you need.  Plus, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee (that's what hooked me).  I know that no one is allowing me to send back that $130 Clarisonic Mia + cleansers that I bought and no longer use because it didn't actually work long-term (the Clarisonic cleaned my face, it didn't clear my face).  60 days is enough time to figure out if a product will work for you and that's how sure Rodan+Fields is that their products will show you results.  I don't think I've talked to someone who hasn't liked it; just people who haven't tried it yet.


Oh, this is make-up-free and no filter.  I don't even entertain the idea of buying foundation anymore.

Scott had requested a selfie of Scout. 

This is filter AND foundation last year.

Can you see a difference? My chin and cheeks are the areas where redness/bumpiness were the worst.

+I'm thinking of adding a teaching component to the blog.  Informative stuff on what I do and what I don't do in my classroom when it comes to set up, tips/tricks, management, organization, etc. "They" say to write what you know and that's what I know, so...Much of my thoughts are taken up by what's going on in my classroom, organizationally, so maybe that's something I can bring to this space.

+Did you see my freezer-friendly meals post?  I was planning on making a few more things this week but, truthfully, the deep-freeze is full.  Of rabbit, duck, etc.  Stuff that's worthless to me but, *apparently*, serves some purpose.

+Also, do you need a dessert for this weekend?  Check out yesterday's Caramel Rice Krispy Treats...

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  1. I'm impressed at your furniture building skills! Looks sturdy to me. I'm glad you've found skincare that works for you, mine is luckily very easy to deal with apart from the odd hormonal chin situation. I've always been dubious about the Clarisonic, even though everyone raved about it. Sounds like it really isn't worth the splurge after all!

  2. You skin looks absolutely amazing. I don't know that I'll ever be in a foundation free zone because of the oils my skin produces, but your skin looks fabulous! And YAY for your new desk! It looks great!

  3. We watched Under the Dome last year, but I didn't even know that the new season had started yet. I'm going to have to find a way to catch up. China had actually quite a few US TV shows available to stream, I'm going to see if Malaysia has anything of the sort...

  4. I love the color of your desk! Good for you for putting it together yourself! I've put together a Target bookcase once.. what a disaster! Ha!

  5. I love that desk, the color is perfect!

  6. You know what I noticed? How straight your teeth are. And white. I'm jealous.

    I love that desk and I love that you put it together by yourself. I can put furniture together which is about the only handy thing I can do around the house besides cook.

  7. Love the desk!

    And we definitely watch Under the Dome. Season 3 just started being added to Amazon Prime, haven't watched the first episode yet (I always watch with Isaiah and he hasn't been home) but we've watched the first 2 seasons completely!

  8. I would love to read about your teaching habits, etc - I say do it! :)

  9. I loved Under the Dome but it got a little weird and I still was sucked into it!

  10. You just reminded me that I haven't made any of your rice krispies treats in far too long. Those caramel ones look amazing - I definitely missed that yesterday! I haven't watched Under the Dome, I'm so bad at getting into new shows these days.

  11. I watched the first season of Under the Dome when it first came out. Then I forgot it existed. I love the idea of a teaching section on your blog!

  12. Nice job on that desk! It's incredibly cute.

    You should definitely add a teaching section. Even though I teach music, I love new ideas and commiserating with fellow teachers :)

  13. I love the desk! Great job!

    Does R&F make sunblock?

    I need to get on Under the Dome on CBS All Access. I'll try to catch up this week.

  14. Congrats on putting that desk together! I love it! I always love reading about teaching ideas, so I know I'm one reader who would be thrilled to see that on your space! :) (Not that we don't talk teaching other times....haha)


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