July 6, 2015

July Goal: Relax

Let's start with June's failures though, because that's always fun and motivating.

I wanted to do this Instagram challenge and I did start off well and then I just kinda stopped.

Here's the rest of June...I think I stopped on the 21st.

6/22 Morning.  Jett likes to just sit and watch the rabbits in the morning.

6/23 Happy hour.  
Lately my happy hours have involved unsweetened iced tea, Grimm, and prepping for the next school year.

6/24 Sunset.  At sunset, I went out to mow part of the yard the other day. 
Don't want to get sunburnt and all...
The battery on the mower had apparently exploded or something. 
So there will be no more mowing until Scott gets home to fix it.  

6/25 Waves. Waves of grass because I can't mow. 

6/26 Bow. The bows (okay, ties) in my deployment ribbon chain. 

6/27 Pearls.  A pearl of wisdom. I really enjoy this quote and I look at it often.  It reminds me that some days are just more difficult than others. A bad day doesn't equal a bad life. 

6/28 Handbag.  Lately I've been using my small Longchamp (color: gunmetal). 
 I haven't bought a new purse since...October? That might be a record. 

6/29 Pink Polish.  I actually went for a pedicure and got pink polish without even looking at this prompt.  However, lucky me, as the lady was taking off the old polish, my toenail fell off.  It just fell off.  Apparently a new nail had been growing underneath my current nail and the whole thing was very confusing to me because I never even noticed.  And I'd *just* been to this same pedicure place a month ago and it was in tact then (I went with friends this time..I'm not in the habit of a pedicure every 4 weeks, I swear). 

6/30 Relax. 
The dogs like to relax underfoot while I'm cooking bacon.

And then there's July's goal.  I want to relax.  I want to slow down (not that I'm moving that quickly).  It fits in nicely with The Balanced Life's Sisterhood theme of the month, which is to slow down.

Graphic from thebalancedlife.com

Do you have any goals for July?


  1. Wow that battery did explode or something. Colorado is known for their wildflowers and whatnot so just pretend your grass is a part of that ;)

  2. I consistently shit the bed on Instagram challenges. It's to the point that I don't even know why I bother.

    Our lawnmower crapped out last month, too, and that's why we wound up with Willard, the riding mower. I still haven't used himself because fear and if I were in your shoes, the grass would be taller than me until someone came and did it for me.

    Also, Mr. Sketch markers are the best markers ever. I have an 18 pack in my desk drawer just because.

  3. Slow down is a good goal.

    I always crap the bed on the Instagram challenges too.

    Bummer about the battery!

    I'm in the habit of frequent pedicures. I like them and I'm worth it.

  4. I'm stuck somewhere between hustle and slow down. It's a confusing place to be. You deserve to just chill out.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes unsweetened iced tea. Most people think that's gross, but I prefer my iced tea to actually taste like...gasp...tea.

    I love your toe polish color! I need to change mine. I've had that darn Cajun Shrimp on for like 6 months.

  6. love the slow down / relax goal for july. good luck :) i'm normally not very good at instagram challenges lol. my cats love to sit under foot when we cook bacon as well. they think they're getting some ;)

  7. I am obsessed with unsweetened tea, it's my favorite!

  8. Unsweetened iced tea is so much better to me. Sometimes I may add one Splenda, but the actual sweet tea people/restaurants make is way too sweet for me...I hope you find balance this month! I struggle with this one a lot

  9. So the battery and toenail situations are quite disconcerting, but I love the relaxing bacon dogs. And I think slowing down is an excellent goal. It seems to be trendy to be busy at the moment (especially in blogland) and I don't get it. There's no need to martyr yourself on the altar of chasing your tail.


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