July 25, 2015

Roasted Garlic

Recipe challenge, week twenty-nine

It's really weird to post on a Saturday evening but I need to get this onto the internet before a new week (Sunday) begins because I don't want to fall behind again.  I really, really don't.

So, we have roasted garlic.  Roasted garlic is quite possibly one of those best-kept secrets.  I did a whole post on how to make it about a year and a half ago so, surprise surprise, I'm also going to cheat here and link back to an old recipe.  This time I tried to take a good picture though.

I made this earlier in the week because Scott said he'd been craving it for awhile.  If you want the story, as well as the recipe, you'll have to click.

Hopefully I'll have a full week of blog posts coming up including something about snakes (you've been warned).

With the way things are going, there probably won't be a Week 30 recipe until next Saturday.  Falling behind is a vicious cycle.


  1. I love roasted garlic and I'm 90% sure the first time I made it was after you blogged about it. And then I ate almost an entire head of it and had garlic burps for like three days. Bad idea. But SO GOOD.

  2. Roasted garlic is my absolute favorites! I love making dressings with it.

  3. I love roasting garlic and adding it to sauces or potatoes. So delicious.


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