June 18, 2015

TV Stuff and Things

I like how Amazon doesn't even pretend that people don't lose full days of productivity by watching Prime Instant Video.  I've worn out Netflix at this point, so I'm onto Amazon.

I am enthralled with Under the Dome.  I mean, I stayed up until 1:34am one day last week.  I can't even tell you the last time I was up past 11pm.  But I couldn't stop.  Amazing.  And now I never, ever want to read the book because then you get into the book vs. show/movie argument.  All I know is that Stephen King is the producer of the show, so any creative changes must be okay.

Speaking of dark, I finished season 2 of The Fall.  I have a feeling that if you are a fan of Dexter, you will like The Fall.

I watched the cutest show on Netflix.  Young and Hungry is on ABC Family and I usually avoid these kinds of shows like the plague.  But I needed something for the dogs to listen to while I was in the shower one day (yes) and I put this on.  Then I watched all 10 episodes in one night.

I watched the entirety of Parks and Rec within about 2-3 weeks.  Oh sweet heavens, I've been missing out all these years.  I generally don't gravitate toward comedies and the only comedy I ever watched regularly was The Office.  Where can I find season 7 of Parks and Rec?

I started watching Freaks and Geeks.  I liked the first episode (love the cast) and then lost interest.  Maybe another time.

I watched season one of Girls.  I never got into the show when it first came out and I really don't like Lena Dunham very much, but I think the reason why I never watched is because I literally couldn't tell the characters apart and, to be honest, it's a depressing show.  Seasons 2-4 need to be bought on Amazon and I'm not that dedicated.  Season 5 starts in January so maybe I'll be able to catch up before then.

True Detective starts this weekend on HBO.  I have the record button set.

I am 10 episodes behind on Game of Thrones.

I never did finish out the season of Once Upon a Time.  They really started to lose me with that Frozen stuff.

I never finished Revenge either.  They started to lose me in this last season.

I started Grimm this week. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

I started Bosch too, and finished it in a day and a half. Very good.

I am approximately 3 seasons behind in Justified.  Someday.  I like Natalie Zea too much.  When she stopped being a regular, I started losing interest.

Speaking of, I'm about 10 episodes behind on The Following too.  I disappoint myself. And it ends here with season 3.

I figured out that The Leftovers comes back in the fall, not this summer.  Though the event of the fall will be Homeland, so the The Leftovers will probably take a backseat to that.

To be honest, it doesn't feel like June without a True Blood premiere.  I just feel so...lost.

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  1. I loved Bosch. I really like Under the Dome too. I thought it was going to be a no for me for a bit, and MFD stopped watching. But I really like it.

    I need to make sure I can get onto HBO through my streaming crappola this weekend.

  2. I keep seeing young and hungry while I'm browsing netflix and was curious if it was worth watching. I might give it a try this weekend.

  3. We just got Netflix and I am super excited to explore! We already have Hulu and Prime but I know Netflix has some things they don't. We don't have cable so that's how I justify buying all three subscriptions, lol! Plus we originally got Prime for the free 2 day shipping! ;)

  4. I love Grimm!!!! Keep going. It was weird the first few episodes because you are like this is so not real life, but man do you get sucked up in it all and I cant wait for it to come back in the fall!!! My husband and I watched the first episode of Bosch but it was really slow going, I dont think he cares to watch it now but I still want to. Does it pick up? We are used to fast pace like Chicago PD or SVU.

  5. Isn't Parks and Rec amazing?? We started watching it on Netflix and are just about onto the last season. I actually stuck through Revenge and did enjoy this final season.

  6. We got hooked on Under the Dome the first season, not so much in the 2nd season and the 3rd yeah not sure how that is going to go, will have to rewatch the 2nd first.

  7. I can't even tell you how thrilled I am that you ended up loving Parks and Rec. SO HAPPY.

  8. I loved Bosch. And The Fall. And Justified. And of course Parks and Rec. It makes me sad you didn't like Freaks and Geeks because it is one of my all-time favorite shows.

    I have zero interest in watching Girls. Ever.

  9. Under The Dome is a good show. I also like Game of Throne and Girls.

  10. I still have yet to start Game of Thrones....it might happen this weekend.

  11. Finish the following! Definitely worth it and I heard another TV station might pick it up.

  12. I totally forgot about Amazon Prime. I wish I could stream it directly to my TV (we use an Apple TV for Netflix) but I suppose I can connect the computer to the TV. Netflix has been buffering over here and driving us crazy... might try Amazon.

  13. I've just started watching The Good Wife and so far I'm really enjoying it! Have you seen it? Am I massively behind the curve here? I do tend to wait out series' and see how they go - I don't want to get into something only for it to turn out awful/get cancelled. I tried Once Upon a Time and it wasn't for me. You're right, Girls is too depressing. Maybe I'll give Parks and Rec a go?

  14. I have been binge watching Gilmroe Girls! I never watched it when it originally aired, and now, I'm sorry I didn't, but there is certainly something to be said about being able to watch every season that exists of a show!

  15. Thank you!! I needed new series for me and for couple watching. My husband is super picky, so that's a challenge, Parks and Rec will be perfect for him!


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