March 31, 2015

Does a cleaning schedule work?

I think so.

I can't lie.  The day I got this post ready to go, I went to print my cleaning schedule and the printer was out of toner and so I did what any non-technologically advanced person would do:  I copied it onto a piece of paper.

You can see that I took notes and made some changes as I went...the "haha" next to "Sheets" is because I washed them and then never put them back on.  Don't worry..since then, they were put on, washed again, and put back on. 

1.  I added "mop wood" to "as needed".  If it needs done, I'm going to do it more than once a week.  This one is really dependent on the weather also because, if it's wet outside, paws will track that stuff in.

2.  I added "vacuum furniture" in its place.  I had forgotten about that.  I try to get to the couches about twice a month, so why not once a week?  Of course, if I were going to add it to the list (I did), then I need to actually do it (I didn't).

3.  I gave the guest bathroom a good cleaning and then decided to let it go for now.  It's only me so I don't need to clean a bathroom I don't use.

4.  Clothes:  Is it kind of depressing that this is my biggest challenge? Ever since I was a kid, keeping the floor of my closet clean or putting clothes away as soon as I take them out of the dryer has been an issue.  I end up doing 2 hours worth of work once a month instead of just cleaning up as I go.  I'm working on it...there may have been a Wednesday night where I worked on the closet for awhile.

5.  Cleaning up the kitchen: I'm actually getting better at this.  I set the timer for 22 minutes and work, work, work until it goes off.  If I finish dishes/kitchen-related cleaning, I move onto something else until it beeps.  Why 22 minutes?  20 seemed too short, but 30 is way too long.

6. Dogs:  I try to keep up with their needs as necessary.  Making a schedule for this wasn't going to work.  Ears, teeth, brushing, etc are things I get around to a couple of times a week.  If they're not out hunting in the mud, baths don't need to happen as often either.  Don't worry, they're well-cared for (clearly).

7.  Does anyone have tips for cleaning a laminate floor? Our basement is now laminate and I know you're supposed to mop rarely, but what kind of mop or cleaner works best?  Google is inconclusive.

8. Most of my cleaning is still happening on the weekends.  Honestly, I just dated the weeks on my schedule, but I found it was really difficult to work up the motivation to clean on weeknights.  I would cross off a task here and there, but I did accomplish more on the first weekend of March than during the week.  Then Jett got hurt and I lost the desire to clean the second weekend in March and then spring break came around and I got a lot done but I was sick so I didn't keep track, necessarily, of what I was doing.

9.Those of you who DO use cleaning schedules: What do you do when things are particularly busy?  For instance, if I have houseguests, how do I stick to the schedule?  My strategy is usually "clean for 2 days straight" before they arrive, "clean for 2 days straight" after they leave, and then don't clean again until more guests arrive.  It's not a good way to go about things.

Did the cleaning schedule work?  I'm sure it would have.  And I'm sure it will. I'm just experimenting with things and figuring out what will definitely not work and then I'll have a better idea about what I can do in the future.  I think the trick is to tailor it to your needs and wants, your schedule, and your expectations.  Some things are more important to some people.  Clean floors, clean/put away dishes, and cleared countertops are my priorities.  Dusting and folding clothes are at the bottom of my list.


  1. I did a cleaning schedule for awhile, but I'm a procrastinator and found I was getting angry with myself because I kept skipping tasks! Haha. I'm better at just getting stuff done when it needs to be done... so bathrooms when I notice they're getting particularly gross, vacuum/mop when the floors need it, clean kitchen daily (but not super thoroughly). It doesn't help I have the kid to chase around too. I DO have a laundry schedule I made a couple months ago and it has made my job 100x easier.

  2. I kept a pretty serious cleaning schedule when I lived in charlotte previously...and it worked like a charm. I'd do a little here or there before work and loved coming home to a clean house. For some reason...I'm struggling with it now. We've only been in the condo 2 weeks, and I've found that I just need to do one deep cleaning on Sundays. By Saturday I'm cringing. I need to re-evaluate and try again. your handwriting.

  3. I clean like Chantal does, when I see that it needs it. It also helps that my kids are getting big enough to help. They can easily vacuum, put laundry away, wipe things down, and the oldest can clean bathrooms. That helps me stay on track.

  4. Trial and error always works, seems like you could definitely make this work. I usually clean little things throughout the week but then I have one day a month where I deep clean the house.

  5. I keep meaning to write out an actual schedule, but have been putting it off. We have such a small house that it doesn't take much to notice when something's dirty, and then I just clean it. Especially with Isaiah gone, it's not like I have anything better to do...haha.

  6. I tried to have a written schedule but it didn't work for me. Now, I have things I do every day (dishes, wipe down counters, make beds, pick up toys, etc) and other things that, as long as they get done weekly, when they happen doesn't matter. I do most things during the week since weekends are basically impossible right now.

  7. This is such a good idea. I'm such a disaster when I clean, especially now in our apartment. I just start throwing things into the rooms where they belong and clean them up eventually haha. One of these days, Mike and I will make a schedule!

  8. I am always tailoring mine. Sometimes I print it out every week for a month and then it holds for three or four months before I alter it again.

    I have my current cleaning schedule post going up on Wednesday! I like to bring it around once or twice a year.

    TODAY. Today the cleaning lady comes. So this week's cleaning schedule looks pretty freaking awesome. Why does her cleaning last longer than mine?

  9. we use the bruce thingy from home depot or lowes.. its just like this spray stuff and this swivel moppy thing with like a microfiber towel thingy.. serious actual terms right there, sorry. its not even a real mop, really. i really need to get my act together and do something like this.. i normally just leave it and spend a whole day cleaning when if i had just spread it out, it wouldn't take so long!

  10. Thank you for the idea. I have my own cleaning system, but it's good to have a proper cleaning checklist. Thank you for the directions and advices on the cleaning schedule. Greets!

  11. Keeping a cleaning schedule is a good idea, since it'll help us track when and where to and not to clean. Though there are times that such schedule could be difficult to follow, as we have a lot of other things to do. Nonetheless, it’s worth giving a shot. It may take a lot of trial and errors, but time will come that you will get used to it. In any way, thanks for sharing this, Kristin. All the best to you!

    Courtney Morris @ Onyx Cleaning

  12. Using a cleaning schedule is very helpful for having a well organized and efficient cleaning routine! Since I have kids I always use cleaning schedules, otherwise I simply can't handle all the housework. Thank you for the post!

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