November 20, 2014

Stuff and Things 11/20

Last week, Scott was flipping through the channels and we were deciding what to watch.  Out of all the hundreds of channels and all the amazing shows on the DVR he chose…CBS.  The Big Bang Theory. I'm not saying that show isn't funny.  I chuckle at it.  However, I said, "Out of EVERYTHING, including Netflix, you choose this?"  He said, "What? You don't like it?"  I called him a plebeian. He shrugged.  My insult didn't have its desired effect.  I KNOW I'm a T.V. snob.  It's a fault.

The next night he made fun of me for watching New Girl because it's on "regular t.v."

Scott bought himself a birthday present.

I've noticed a disturbing pattern.  In 2011, he got a snowmobile.  In 2012, he got a pile of cross-country skiing equipment.  In 2013, he got a camper.  Now, a four-wheeler.  This seriously concerns me.  When I asked what I got, he said "the kitchen".  I told him that he keeps saying that and while I enjoy our kitchen, he HAD to provide that kitchen.  I let him buy this house. It's not the same thing.  

Before the 5K last weekend…
Me:  Are you going to run with me or leave me behind?
S: Well, I have a PT test next week, so I should actually run.
Me: I run.
S: Yeah, okay.

I went a little craft-fair-crazy last weekend:

I've had a Scentsy since 2010.  But I rarely buy new scents because those things last forever.  I got Very Merry Cranberry and Salted Caramel Cupcake on Saturday.  Fun fact:  We ended up with our first Scentsy because a kid came to the door selling them and Scott couldn't say no.  I totally would've turned him away in a Scrooge-like manner.

We were looking at some carved walnut bowls but they were like $80.  Unreal for just a bowl that would probably turn into a crap basket. These functional and cute bottle holders were only $30ish.  

….maybe all of this is why Scott can rationalize a four-wheeler.

Joey and I would like to thank you all so much for joining in on this lil' link-up, so we're hosting a giveaway next week with a special Thanksgiving Day edition of Stuff and Things.  Join in next Thursday and you'll be entered into the drawing for a couple of fun prizes!

Hope to see you next Thursday for the link-up!


  1. That wine-holder is beautiful! I'll be linking up next week, too!


  2. I seriously love your little wall hanger!! How adorable is that! And yeah...the birthday gifts...I think you should argue that you need a flight out to NC for a gift ;) J watches such crap (but then he balances it out with TWD and Game of Thrones, so whatever). I can't really judge because my tv tastes are horrific.

  3. I love the wine holder and yea, my husband is a sucker for people who sell things...I am not that nice!

  4. I freaking love that bottle holder. I definitely would've purchased that.

    The family snow man thing too, that would've come home with me as well.

    MFD is always buying things from door to door people.

  5. I tend to turn the TV on while I am doing other stuff for noise and The Big Bang Theory is always on! I never watched it, but I find myself laughing at it...I hate myself for it a bit because I really thought it was a dumb show, before. Haha, "You got the kitchen", soo not the same thing!

  6. Aw I "run" too - And I am proud when I can do less then a 10 min/mile. That is RUNNING. I'm short - It's RUNNING!

    And I don't have a scentsy - but I have a similar type of (knock off) burner. The scents last FOREVER. Why get new ones?

  7. I've never tried Scentsy before, but the scents you chose do sound great. You need to do what Mike and I do... one of us buys something so the other has that same amount of money mentally stored away for when we find something we like. Go buy yourself something pretty ;)

  8. I used to like The Big Bang Theory. And I still enjoy the new episodes. But the reruns are on ALL THE TIME and if I watch another one, I'll probably lose my mind. I like New Girl, too.

    I love that snowman wall hanger!!!

  9. Love the wine bottle holder! Hate how expensive craft fair items are...we're going to a craft/antiques sale this weekend and I'm fully prepping myself to be absolutely appalled at what people want for their junk.

  10. I don't watch the big bang theory.. it's ok, it's not bad.. it's just like, well.. we've been here haven't we? friends, how i met your mother (also didnt watch).. eh. love your little crafty thing with your names on it, so cute!

  11. We are going to a Christmas festival next weekend and I can't wait to check out the craft vendors.

  12. My husband and I usually watch reruns of Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family over and over again. If it is Sunday, it is SVU.

    I LOVE that snowman and dog one!!! So cute!!!

  13. The conversation regarding running is eerily similar to a conversation my friend had with her husband. Thanks for hosting this link up, I really like finding new blogs through the links. :)


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