May 20, 2014

What my husband says

+We have blood pressure contests because mine is always super low.

He will take his blood pressure two dozen times in a row just to see if it'll get down to a level that is satisfactory to him.  

+We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and they asked if the check was together. After we assured them that it was "together", Scott said to me, "I should've said no".  Which led to the Waiting discussion.
Scott:  You can't have a Pepsi, it's not our anniversary.
Me: I wouldn't even think to ask for one. 
Scott: When they asked what you wanted to drink, I should've cut them off with "She'll have water".
Because it's not our anniversary.
Me:  Yes, we're married.  It's not like we're dating.   

I really like the movie Waiting.

+I went for sushi without him.  When I got home, he'd gone fishing.

+I had a pair of pink shorts on the other day.  They didn't quite fit right, so I switched them out for a pair of blue shorts. 
S:  I liked the pink shorts better.  You looked nice.
Me: Why didn't you say that when I had them on?
S: I'm saying it now.
Me: They were bulky. These fit better.
S: Girls look good in pink.  It's much more feminine.  Like, I really like it when you use that pink water bottle.

I put the pink shorts back on.


  1. Hahaha. I laughed at all of these. I've had such similar comments with Jay- especially the shorts discussion. How hard is it to say they like what we're wearing, while we are still wearing it!!

  2. These are just awesome!! I totally forgot about the movie Waiting!

  3. haha--saying "No" when asked, "Is the check together?" sounds like the kind of thing Angel would do!

  4. Kyle always says "no" when a serve asks if we are together, and then he will also say, "we are going dutch tonight" lol.

  5. hahahah @ the Waiting references. I love that movie too. It cracks me up.

    I like the pink shorts!

    And the sushi/dog ransom.

  6. You guys are funny! J does the same thing--he'll wait until I've changed to tell me he liked what I was in before. You're nicer than me--I don't normally change back haha!

  7. You're a mess!! I love this post. I also have low BP -- kind of nice!

  8. Marriage is so fun sometimes, isn't it :)

    I love when they ask me & my husband are together or separate. Really? I guess they have to ask. But we're old - come on - we're rotting away together :)

    Those pink shorts - adorbs!

  9. I used to watch Waiting and relate SO basically described the restaurant I worked at for 5 years.

    For what it's worth, those pink shorts look great. ;)

  10. That sounds like Keith, with the shorts convo, except he looks me up and down and finds every little crease that might have popped up if I wear underwear with dresses. Men!

  11. haha I love it, especially the shorts

  12. Ha, Waiting is awesome hilarious! The girls hairy lint infested bush gets me every damn time haha.

    Dude I'm totally jealous of your low blood pressure. Mine's been super duper high. Think I need meds :/


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