March 7, 2014

A feisty little Brittany

Everyone always tells us Scout is little.  We never really thought much about it.  He's a puppy after all. He's been to the vet at least 4 times in the 9 months we've had him and they never say anything about his weight.  He was 6 pounds when he was 7 weeks old.  On January 7th, when he was at the vet, he was about 24.5 pounds.  No vet (he's been to a couple) has ever said anything about him being underweight.

According this this online tracker (whose validity has not been confirmed), he'll only weigh 26 pounds as an adult. It's kind of terrifying, but this is where he falls on the growth chart.

I promise (Mom), I'm not trying to keep him little and cute.  We actually feed him more than is recommended on the dog food bag.  He gets 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 cups in the morning and in the evening of good, premium, grain-free, etc. dog food.  So approximately 3 cups a day.  On days when he's hunting, he gets a little more, plus several treats.  We also feed him things like plain cooked chicken, green beans, blueberries, etc if we're eating them.  (We always double-check before we feed him people food.)

This is the weight span for Brittanies.  We've known these numbers for months, so when people ask how big he will get, this comes out automatically, "Oh probably 30 or 35 pounds", "Oh, maybe 10 more pounds", "Yeah, he'll get a little bigger, but they're not really huge dogs".  

His height right now is 18".  His mother wasn't very tall, but his father was bigger.  Scott seems to remember the breeder talking about how "runts" are the best, feistiest hunting dogs.  I don't remember that conversation really, but I assumed she'd mention it if he was smaller than the average.  We didn't see his brothers and sister, but there were 4 in the litter.




Just for reference, I plugged in some different numbers.

That's almost double his size!  I don't think we can look for him doubling in size anytime soon…

I'm just waiting for him to jump over that 12 foot drop one of these days…

So there you have it.  Another post about my dog.  

Oh, because.
July 2013

Happy weekend!


  1. You could blabber gibberish with random pictures of Scout mixed in and I'd still read--he's the CUTEST FREAKING DOG. Seriously. That face. I can't even handle it. He's such a wee little thing--definitely a runt!

  2. I totally agree with Joey. He is SERIOUSLY adorable.

    Our lab mix is also on the small size - everyone who meets her says, "She's so petite!"

    (Also, I love how much you baby that cute boy. I'm REALLY excited for when you guys have kids... :))

  3. Isaiah has mentioned several times in the last couple weeks how he'd love to have a dog.

    I'm still holding out. We're just flat out too busy for that nonsense.

    But Scout sure is cute.

  4. He is so cute! Dogs are like people, some end up small and some are big.

  5. He's a cute, people are just jealous ;)

  6. We have a small border collie. He was the runt too. Some dogs just stay small!

  7. That's really a good size. Too little they yap, too big they're just...too big. Take it from me, our golden is 70lbs. BIG.


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