March 10, 2014

5 Food Trends that Should Go Away

Last night, we had everything cilantro for dinner.  I know some of you can't get behind the cilantro movement, but we eat it several times a week.  I'm convinced that you either love it or hate it and luckily, in this marriage, we both love it. In fact, I buy a bunch of it every week and add it to everything.  Salads, quesadillas, soups, salsas, burritos…there's always a place for this green goodie!

Cilantro chicken, cilantro quinoa (we love this stuff!), and broccoli slaw

Now, what food movements can I just not get behind?  Well, there's a few.  I've noticed that people are really grasping at straws trying to get the newest and bestest out on the Pinterest before everyone else.  Here's some trends that I don't think I'll be trying anytime soon.

1.  Baking with Cereal.  Rice Krispy treats?  Good.  Fruit Loops on a cupcake?  No.  Using a Chex cereal or Rice Krispy cereal as a base is very different from using it as the flavor.  If I wanted Fruity Pebble-flavored blondies, I would….wait.  Never mind.  I would never, ever want Fruity Pebble flavored blondies.

Along the same lines…

2.  Baking with fruity/sour candy.  Sour Patch Kids on a cupcake?  GOOD. GOD. NO.  Just no.  That's gross.  Skittles Fudge?  WHY?  I saw Nerd ice cream at a restaurant once 15 years ago.  I'm still wondering who would've ordered that.  I know I haven't been baking a whole lot lately, but I can promise, you'll never see such things in my kitchen.

3.  Paleo noodles.  I've tried the zucchini noodle thing.  We've done the spaghetti squash.  I just don't like it.  I don't often crave noodles, but when I do, I want a giant plate of spicy peanut noodles.  With maybe some zucchini mixed in.  A plateful of zucchini has about 48 calories and probably won't satiate your hunger unless you pair it with a lot of protein.

4.  The plethora of smoothie recipes that are out there on the internet.  You don't need 18 variations on a smoothie.  I have a spinach/fruit recipe (recently I've started adding flax) and a banana/PB recipe. Especially because, generally, you won't have the ingredients on hand for the particular one you choose that day…and then your smoothie plans will be scrapped.  Nope.  You throw whatever you want into the blender, and you make a smoothie anyway.  Do you really need a recipe?  I only share my two go-to recipes with you (a lot) because they are something I make almost everyday.  Please stop pinning smoothie recipes and captioning "Why didn't I think of this?!?!".  I promise: You don't need a Pin to make a smoothie.  I have faith in you. You can do it.

5.  Dessert pancakes. Cake Batter Pancakes? Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Syrup?  If you want a cupcake, eat an egg and toast for breakfast and then eat. a. cupcake.
Don't masquerade your breakfast as a birthday cake.  I saw "Chocolate Pancakes" yesterday.
Two ingredients: Chocolate cake mix and milk.
No.  That is chocolate cake.  There is no pancake about it.

Your turn!  What food trend are you absolutely opposed to?


  1. I keep trying spaghetti squash. It's always a fail. I'm going to stick with my regular old spaghetti from now on.. I agree with your other trends though. I've considered the funfetti pancakes, but really don't get the whole appeal.

  2. But I like zoodles! Sure they don't compare to regular noodles, but pasta makes my tummy hurt... so I eat them. I just don't make Italian-style meals ;) I do like rice noodles!

  3. haha--I just mentioned on my blog today that I do NOT like cilantro, but Angel will put heaping mountains of it on his food. We grow it in our yard.
    And it's not just smoothies out there...there are so many "recipes" that crack me up. No lie, one time I saw an actual "recipe" for a fried egg on toast with cheese sprinkled on top. And if that was a recipe on my blog, I would have been joking, and it would be obvious. But this was no spoof.

  4. This sounds great Nice to see cookbook offering clear and simple recipes with easily obtained ingredients as an antidote to some of what's out there.
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  5. Oh yeah, I agree with so many of these! Right now I just can't do the avocados on everything. I like guacamole, but not plain avocados. I feel like Subway throws all their weight behind a food and then it's alllll over the internet.

  6. OK...YES YES YES to all of these! I keep seeing those dessert pancakes everywhere. NO! Those are a BREAKFAST food and should NOT be bombarded with dessert flavors. It's just not right--at least to this pancake plain jane who likes nothing but plain pancakes with a little butter. Thankyouverymuch. Also--I hate cilantro. HATE it. I wish I could say otherwise--but I'm just not a fan. I'll always leave it out of recipes. And it'll stop me from ordering something at a restaurant if it says anything about cilantro.

  7. Im not on the paleo noodle bandwagon either. Ill take my carbs, thanks. The worst for me is the 'creative lunches' and pre school snacks. What ever happened to a ham and cheese sandwich and a box of goldfish?

  8. I haven't been on Pinterest in probably 2 years, but some blogs certainly shove this down my throat (and it's something I think you have even blogged about as annoying), but when the name of a recipe is 12 words long because it includes every kind of sweet imaginable (e.g. Chocolate fudge cookie dough peanut butter cup Rice Krispie Oreo pie tarte). People, cool it!

  9. Red velvet pancakes gross me out!

  10. I love so many foods that have cilantro, but it doesn't like me. I always have a mild reaction to it, but I still eat it.

    I am guilty of wanting to make cake batter pancakes, but I would make them as a fun dessert. I do add chocolate chips to my pancake batter some mornings.

  11. Things that are amazing about this post:

    Cilantro - amen. And amen again.

    You take strong positions on things in the best possible way.

    I agree that the true dessert pancakes are pretty unappetizing to me for the most part (although I do love the idea of birthday "pancakes" with sprinkles and a vanilla glaze). BUT... I can TOTALLY get on board with combining other breakfast-y food with my pancakes. Banana or blueberry pancakes? YES! Cinnamon roll pancakes? DOUBLE YES!

  12. Haha! I love this! I have to agree with you! I like Nerds, and I like ice cream. I would NEVER like them together! The thought makes me gag. :-p

    You're right. Making a smoothie is easy. If you think things will go together, they probably will. I LOVE chocolate protein powder with a banana and some peanut butter. Mmmm. Haven't had one in a while.

    Also, I am a sweet breakfast eater, but pancakes are only something I can deal with for brunch. And frankly, if you want a cupcake or cake, eat one. Do not try to masquerade your dessert as a pancake. lol

  13. I agree with all of your picks...except the "zoodles", I don't love them but I make them in lieu of pasta because well, I have to, lol. Also, I freaking love cilantro!

  14. Yuck, I can't stand cilantro!

    And as gross as it may sound , I LOVE the nerds blizzards from Dairy Queen!! Somehow nerds and vanilla soft serve just work :)

  15. I clicked through to this post through Pinterest, and when I went back to Pinterest, the next pin under yours was a recipe Reese's Puff fudge. It made me giggle :) and I'm with you... cereal on treats is just plain crazy.


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