February 10, 2014

Healthiness in 2014: #28daysofpilates

Going along with the Healthiness theme I have for the beginning of 2014, we have exercise.  Exercise is generally a slippery slope for me…an all or nothing mentality.  I'm working on changing that.

Pilates.  Have you tried it?

While I've never gotten into yoga, I've always had a soft spot for Pilates.  When I was 19, I wandered into the fitness dvd section of Wal-mart and picked up this.

I used it a few times a week for a couple of years.  I don't really know if it did much for me, but I liked it well enough.  In Alaska, I was able to take a Power Pilates class and, when my schedule allowed it, regular Pilates.  I always felt so good after those classes!  Kind of sore, very limber, and like I'd just done something truly beneficial for myself.

I'm a believer in it.

Part of my fitness resolution for the year is to take part in this kind of fitness.  Fitness that's good for the muscles, good for the soul, and good for the mind.

It's the best of both worlds:  you get the breathing and relaxation element of yoga and the toning you'd get from a fitness class.  Plus, you don't sweat a whole lot, if at all.  So there's not a "I need to get a shower after this" time commitment.  After taking Pilates classes, I can say that it works.  The small, focused movements tone muscles and, after a one hour class, I almost always feel it the next day.  Plus, it's dramatically increased my flexibility.  I spent my entire life being unable to reach down and touch my toes, even when I was a kid.  After 6 months of Pilates, I could put my hands almost flat on the floor!

I started February by taking part in #28daysofpilates.

Each day, Robin at The Balanced Life posts a new, quick Pilates workout. They're fun and effective to do.  Not to mention easy.  I set my phone alarm each day so I don't forget.

Also, so I remember to do a plank.  

Are you taking on any fitness challenges this year?  I have a friend who is running a half marathon and I had this nagging feeling that maybe I should do it too.  But then I remember how much I truly hate to run.  I don't think I should taking on a training plan is for me.

Have you missed any Healthiness posts?
I already talked about my favorites for Breakfast and Dinner.

(This post is purely my opinion.)


  1. I started doing Pilates DVDs in college to help with my back pain and it worked very, very well! However...maybe I just get bored easily, but I find pilates really boring. I recognize that it's good for me, though!

  2. Ok, I am not a yoga girl. It's boring to me and I feel like I can never tell if I'm doing it right. A lot of people have suggested Pilates to me saying it would strengthen my core (to help me start to run) and to help with the aches and pains I have on a daily basis. One of my 30 in 30s is to regain my flexibility (I danced for 14 years of my life and then it was like it never happened at all). I'm thinking Pilates might be the way to go. I'm nervous to start now BC of my operation (still get some major tenderness/swelling) but maybe it's what I need. I'll call the docto and ask when I can start working out!! I think it's great that you do it daily!!!

  3. This is the first year I have committed to running. I don't think I'll become a lifelong runner {I really don't enjoy it} but my goal is to complete a 5k this year {as in run the whole thing, since I have walked plenty before!}, but once I "master" this, I told myself I'd try yoga next...maybe I'll make it pilates, instead? I'm def not the most flexible and need to work on my breathing.

  4. I use to love going to Pilates class at our gym...then I started working nights and well its just not happening anymore :(

  5. I'm not a yoga girl but I did enjoy a few of the pilates classes I took at the gym. Does she run her 28 days of pilates on IG?

  6. I have that same Pilates DVD. Or at least I used to. It may have gotten purged in my move. I don't know. But I did enjoy it!

  7. I like pilates. I should start doing them more!

  8. I have done Pilates before.....can't remember where or why?? Probably college. It actually sounds like just the thing I should do. I would love to be more flexible, and it like the idea of a yoga type workout that will tone. I'm also a big fan of not getting really sweaty! lol


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