November 27, 2013

Stuff and things.

1.  We saw Catching Fire on Saturday night.  A few years ago, I went all out with a Hunger Games review.  I haven't read Catching Fire in its entirety since 2011 and I actually gave my copy to a student in Alaska that year.
I love Jennifer Lawrence, so it's hard for me to say I didn't like it.  It was good.

2.  We ran the Turkey Trot 10K on Saturday. Scott would have preferred the 5K, just because he could have won, but I was the one who went to the gym to sign us up a couple of weeks ago, so 10K it was.   I was just focused on finishing.  I came in 5/10 in my age group.  Scott was 6/18.  (Those are some nice, even fractions.)

I'm just VERY proud of myself for running the whole thing.  Pride took over, of course, and I knew I had to keep running because, well, people were watching.  
I kept saying, "There is no reason on God's green earth why you can't do this. You have no excuse. Keep running."  And it worked.  I ran all 6.25 miles and my calves still hurt.
A race every 6 months?  I can do that.  Next up, half-marathon.  Just kidding.  I'll find another 5K.  

3.  Scott's birthday was yesterday.  He got a camper.

Also, I got him an assortment of little gifts, including this shirt.

I laughed at it for way too long when I saw it on Etsy and showed it to him and he said he wanted it.  Hey, the heart wants what it wants I guess.

I made this Chicken, Salsa, and Black Bean Soup for dinner, along with an ice cream cake that I'll share soon.

Once I'm done enjoying my day off, that is.  5 blissful, happy days of nothingness.  A teacher couldn't ask for anything more….

Except maybe a brand-new rug for in front of the Smartboard.



  1. I am dying to see Catching Fire. I've heard it was really good. Happy Birthday to Scott!

  2. Hahaha, Jason would love that shirt...I should buy him. When Hunger Games came out, I went to the midnight show (I was unemployed at the time) and hated life and the tweens that dressed up, lol. But I am hoping to see Catching Fire this weekend! Happy 5 days off! I have 4 off, and I cannot wait!

  3. Catching Fire rocked. Love that shirt. Love that rug!

  4. I CANNOT wait to see Catching Fire! We rarely (almost never) go to movies and the minute this baby arrived there are like 4 I'm dying to see. I'm hoping when we visit family for Christmas we can have grandma babysit so we can go see it! Haha and I love that shirt you got Scott!

  5. He got a camper, you got a rug. Sounds good to me ;)

  6. Great job on the run! Your rug is really cute!

  7. We're going to see Catching Fire this weekend - I'm excited!

    Congrats on running the whole 10k! There's no way I could do that right now. I'm working on it, though.

    That shirt is hilarious.

  8. Go for the half marathon!!! Its not THAT horrible.. you were half way there already :)

  9. Great time! You two are fast! It takes me an hour to run a 10K. I am training for a half and it scares me.

    Love the shirt!

  10. Aw. You can come on up to Des Moines and run the half with me in April. :) Ha ha. There's also a 5K and 10K that day if you would prefer ...

  11. That shirt is hilarious!Happy birthday to Scott. Laura Ingalls sights in the camper, here you come.

    I love Jennifer Lawrence too.

  12. I loved that movie. Makes me want to re-read them. I probably will, after I'm done with Harry Potter. :)

    A 10k? You go! I'm like that at the gym when I'm with my trainer. If I'm balancing and stumble I want to do an extra to make up for it, lol.


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