November 25, 2013

An iPhone saga

I bit the bullet and went to the Verizon store on Sunday.  Surprisingly enough, here, in the middle of nowhere, we do have one of those.  1 point: Missouri.

The 18 year old girl who helped me actually made much more work for me than I'd ever intended on putting into this new phone.

Me: I'd like an upgrade.

Her: What phone would you like?

Me: What do you have?

Her: 5S and 5C.

Me: Which is cheaper?

Her: 5C

Me: I'll take the 5C. Can I see the colors?

Her: Yep!

(She brings out blue, pink, yellow, green, and white.  They are all pastels. I don't like pastels.)

Her: I love the coraly-pink.

Me, thinking: That's not coral.  If it was coral, I'd consider it.

Her:  You should get the pink! 

Me, thinking: The last thing you'll ever catch me with is a pastel pink phone. Also, I'm not a 13 year old girl. A pink phone is a big commitment.  This is 2 years we're talking about.  Now, if you had a plaid one…

Me: I'll just put a case on it anyway.

Her: We have clear cases!

Me, thinking: Yes, for $49.99 I can get a small, clear plastic sheath that offers almost no protection.

Me: Do you have Otterboxes?  

Her: In black.

Me: Never mind.  Screen protector?

Her: We're out.  They never sent us more.

So then I was in a frenzied, almost fearful, state to get to a store and get an Otterbox on that phone as soon as possible.  3 stores later, I found one at Wal-Mart.  They have shockingly few 5C cases on the market.  Apparently people want to show off those pastels.  That to me is irresponsible and asking for trouble.

As I'm checking out, she mentions that unless it's backed up on iCloud, my contacts won't transfer.  It hasn't been backed up on iCloud since like June, because really, who backs up their phone consistently?  (I'm sure you all do. Sigh.)

So I lost everything.  EVERYTHING. Notes, Photos, all of it.  Gone. 


I briefly considered asking if we could halt the process, I could run home, back it up, drive back and THEN make the transfer, but I decided against it.  She didn't really offer it as an option, but I'm sure I could've made it one if I wanted to be difficult.  

The woman in the line next to me squealed, "This just made my life!" when she saw the lime green phone.  

I got the white one.

Me, downloading Instagram again


  1. It's amazing what a long drawn out process getting a new phone is. Kyle is avoiding it because he just does not want to deal with it. Haha.

  2. I'm pretty sure your phone should have been automatically backing up...usually whenever you plug it into a power source when you're on Wifi, it automatically syncs to the Cloud...

  3. I never plug my phone into my computer... guess I should maybe back it up. Could they actually tell you the big difference between the 5c and the 5s??

  4. I have a droid, but I hope to never be someone that says any electronic changed my life...haha, except maybe if I get the dslr I want. Maybe I am too judgy, lol.

  5. I am still iphone-less, so you are one step above me!

  6. That is a bummer. When I first got an iPhone, I synced it with my computer once a week like we were directed to do. Now I'm lucky if it's once a month, but I do believe I have my phone set to back up to iCloud automatically.

    The colors are fun, but honesty, I am a person who will put it in a case. I do want a white one, though. :)

  7. Maybe someday I will head over to the iSide...Sometimes those phone people are less than helpful. Sorry about your contacts. That is such a pain.

  8. When I updated my 4 to a 5C the guy at the store backed everything up for me, so that sucks that she didn't do that for you.

  9. I have no idea when my phone last backed up...

    Congrats on the new phone!

  10. You're supposed to download your phone stuff? ... I'm old... I know less & less every day.

  11. When we came back from Okinawa, Sprint wouldn't let us use our iPhones, since they were from a Japanese provider, but they did transfer everything over for us. I would think they would have done that for you.

  12. I actually remembered on my way into the apple store to backup to iCloud. I know -100 points for Missouri, but always go to the Apple store. ALWAYS. Those people know to ask you if you backed it up before they even unpack the new phone.:)

    I went with blue. Hopefully I don't hate it. It's in the shocking pink case...until someone invents actual 5C cases that aren't neon.


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