September 1, 2013

Just a #Skirtember reminder!

Chantal is ahead of me!  I definitely intend to put on a skirt when I go to the grocery store after I spend most of the day in my gym shorts (the grass won't cut itself).  We spent almost 16 hours driving yesterday, so that's my excuse.  Already, full of excuses.  More on that tomorrow!

Also, this is what I was wearing last year during the first week of September.  I have a feeling (an accurate one) that my outfits this week will be a little..different.

This was 8pm on Friday.

Here's the info on Skirtember, in case you missed it!

Enjoy what's left of the holiday weekend!


  1. My last few days have been spent in skirts and dresses. They are so much more comfortable than anything else. :)

  2. I will admit, though I love the dress I'm wearing today for #Skirtember, if my husband weren't in bed sleeping (he's on night shift), I'd be back in sweats. :)

  3. Kristin, I left your friend Chantal a comment about Trevor living in Korea. With a link to this forum where the teachers talk about living there...

    You should try a stovetop coffee pot called a Moka. It's fast and easy. I even froth milk in the mug and make myself a latte every morning. If you can find a Bialetti, great. If not, Homegoods have the cheaper Chinese made ones.

  4. I'm wearing a skirt!! It is Sunday and it's really hot, so it's altogether appropriate.

  5. I'm sooo happy that the weather cooled off today...and it just dawned on me that my bathing suit bottom is a skort so I guess I technically participated without knowing it :)


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