August 30, 2013

Friday 5s...

1.  Does anyone else have a Keurig that's slowly dying on them?  Does this happen with Keurigs?  Ours was bought in November 2011 and several months ago, it went through the whole always saying "prime"thing and making loud dying cow noises. It eventually stopped that, but then started again last week.  I de-scale it every other month or so.  Have you had this experience?

2.  Funny.

3.  We went to a Commandant Reception on Wednesday.

Sunspots, tan lines, it's all going on in this picture.  We were running late.  Of course.  

I wore the same dress that I did in 2010 for a battalion ball.

I bought new shoes though.

$51 Nine West (on clearance) is probably not a bargain at the PX, but they are cute and surprisingly comfortable. I guess we should invest in our high heels, after all, right?

4. Someone at the reception was talking to me about how he'd been through four Ft. Leonard-Wood winters and they were "brutal" and it was "very cold".  I just let him talk.

When he was finished, I said, "Well, we came from Alaska, so I don't think it'll be that bad."

These southerners.

5.  Shamefully, oh so shamefully, I must admit that I've gone through TWO bags of candy corn since Sunday.  I'm horrified.  There's no picture for this.  No real evidence means it didn't happen, right?

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  1. My Kuerig did the same thing. SAME EXACT THING! We ended up getting rid of it and getting a regular coffee pot. I think their lifespan is only 2 years :/

    That dress looks amazing on ya!

  2. FYI... it's Natalie!! Looks like I need to just go ahead and create a blogger account so that way I can get replies from ya!

  3. Yay new comfortable shoes! We're old farts now for saying that! :p

    I roll my eyes when people talk about it being cold here.

  4. I'm still waiting for candy corn!! And tan lines or not, you guys both look pretty fancy! And if you can invest in heels enough that they are not so painful as to be unwearable, that's a really good thing! I got Clark's heels a year or two ago and I love them, because I can actually wear them for a few hours!

  5. No bag - no evidence :)

    My Keurig gets a break in the Spring summer months except when family is in... I only drink hot stuff in winter so I'm always anxious to see if it still works when I fire it up

  6. I'm having a lot of problems with my Keurig. I bought in 2010. I am in need of a new one.

    Cute dress btw.

  7. 1) My keurig did pretty much the same thing. And then it progressively started making smaller and smaller cups of coffee. I could handle the noises, but when you start to gip me on coffee, I draw the line. It's been since retired and I rely on my big pot now. 2. I laughed so hard at this that I accidentally woke my sleeping husband. Don't care, it was worth it. 3. You look gorgeous. Scott looks pretty dapper too, but man--that dress on you--beautiful!!! 4. OMG. I wouldn't be able to take the conversation. People have no idea that things are all relative. To him they might be horrible winters. To you, it'll be like sunbathing!! That GIF you used was perfect. 5. I CANNOT FIND CANDY CORN HERE YET!!!!! I need it. NEEEEEEEED IT!

  8. That dress is beautiful!! :)

  9. My Keurig is making smaller cups of coffee. I fear it's not long for this world. that annoys me. We haven't had it for two full years yet.

  10. oh my goodness you're cracking me up. I totally do the glazed over, nodding thing sometimes when the work I feel ya.

    uumm, kinda glad that someone else goes through a candy obsession...i swear I had like five bags of the mini reece cups...but uhhh, yeah...about that.

  11. Hmm your Keurig troubles make me worried about mine. How has customer service been? I looooove your dress, by the way! You look gorgeous!

  12. You can have ALL my candy corn this fall. Ick.

    I love the shoes!!

  13. I'm not a coffee drinker but I had considered buying a keurig for Keith as he loves it every time of the day but I had a friend mention the same problem you have and I decided against it. I think she ended up getting rid of hers and getting a different type of maker like it, not a keurig and not the starbucks brand one but similar to them both.

  14. We have a Keurig in my house and it stopped working and I tried calling them to trouble shoot it. Nothing worked so they just sent us a new one! I have also heard of people taking theirs back to Bed Bath and Beyond and they just automatically take it back, no questions asked!

    Love your dress that you wore! Reminds me of my bridesmaid dress that is more of a cocktail dress that I wore this summer in the wedding.

  15. My Keurig is noisy, and I SWEAR the amount that comes out just keeps get smaller and smaller and smaller! <----Quality grammatical error right there. ;)
    My husband thinks it's the coolest thing ever, and I just want a "real" coffee maker again. Also? Those damn kcups can be expensive! I try to stock up on them so I get a bulk discount but still. Give me back my Mr Coffee maker!
    I've resisted looking at the candy corn section at Target.
    So far...

  16. No shame in getting use out of a great dress! Love the shoes, too!

    Southerners know nothing about winter. :-p

  17. You have to descale them? Wow I need to get on that. I can't believe they wouldn't last longer!!!

  18. i love your dress! you look beautiful! and your husband looks so handsome in his suit!


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