June 30, 2013

Funny stuff. 6/30

I was scrolling through my Humor boards on Pinterest and here are some things I'd like to share and/or re-share.

You see, these images are not embedded because, since Pinterest changed their embedding procedure, every single pin I've embedded over the last two years has disappeared.  Which means, if you search through funny stuff I've posted in the past, you come up with nothingness.  I'm not happy about it.  So, I won't be embedding anything from here on out.  You can get to my Pinterest page if you'd like the links.

How I feel after I make myself run on the treadmill:

I've actually been opting for the elliptical lately when push comes to shove.  
I really have to be in the "I'm going to do this!" frame of mind to get on the treadmill.  
It happens about twice a month.

This is important:
"Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy's out there!", right?  
I know you saw that all over the internets a few weeks ago too.

ALSO, please note: When you use a word like "cant", "its", "Im", "dont", "wont" and don't include an apostrophe, a kitten probably dies.  I don't understand this.  Most computers auto-correct it.  We have idiot-proof devices, yet...we still have idiots.

(One mistake is fine.  I usually find one per blog post on my own blog..and then I try to correct it asap. When I can depend on your blog/status/tweets as a source of typo amusement, something is wrong with you.)

And Don Draper loves puppies.  Probably kittens too.


I found a tumblr site with gifs related specifically to blogging: #thetopknot.
It provided me with a full 15 minutes of laughter and guffaws.  Because it only took me 15 minutes to cruise through it.  They need to update more!
For example:
When I'm really excited about a post and no one comments right away:

This is how I feel every summer, because I usually don't have much to do:

Happy Sunday!


  1. It's always the blog posts that I"m most thrilled about that no one else finds quite as interesting as I do, to judge by the comments. And the apostrophe is a big grammatical problem for a lot of people. Oh my word, Angel is horrible at it. Along with other grammar things. When he posts on Facebook, when he writes me emails...when I'm editing his grad school papers...I always notices his grammatical errors, especially apostrophe use. And when I scold him, he says, "Hey, English is my second language!" To that I reply, "You've still been speaking it longer than I have!"

  2. I always get disappointed when I do up a super special post and only get like, 5 comments. Yah yah quality not quantity... WHATEVER! I poured my heart out!

    If you only saw this morning when I woke up.... I was all DEXTER RETURNS TOOOONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hahaha, love the first funny. I love Parks and Recreation.

  4. Ha ha ha. These are so good.

    You see Don Draper, I see the jerk dude from "Friends With Kids."

    And the gif about no comments on a blog post ... YES.

  5. I despise the treadmill, I just can't seem to love it.

  6. I totally understand you on the apostrophe thing. When I first teach first graders about contractions, they start putting them in plural words. I nip that in the bud ASAP. They at least have an excuse, though!

    We have been super lazy today. I keep thinking I should do so something besides watching the NCIS marathon on USA. Then I get tired and take a nap instead. :)

  7. BAHA oh how I love all of these. I love Tom Haverford so much (although you don't watch Parks and Rec, right?) What a pain with the embedding stuff. That's why I just stalk pinterest and never pin anything anymore. I feel like it keeps changing stuff. Boo. The last pic is soooo true. Are you as excited as I am for Dexter tonight? I can't believe it's the last season!

  8. I honestly have no idea how people use an elliptical...I'd rather run on a treadmill all day every day than have to use an elliptical! Maybe I'm doing something wrong...haha. They're just so uncomfortable to use!!

    Oh, Tom Haverford. I love him.

    And AMEN AMEN AMEN to your grammar rant!

  9. You need to proof my posts - I'm SO bad. I actually had to take a special class on commas in college. They should have included apostrophes.

    Oh, the treadmill. I'm lucky if I get in the spirit once a week. I hate it.

    I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!! It's so awesome!

  10. Omg that o.o thing made my day! Lol

  11. LOL the apostrophe plural one made me laugh because one of my second graders would ALWAYS put an apostrophe before any s. For example, want's. Luckily she stopped once I showed her what she was doing lol but it drove me crazy.

  12. I love that blogging Tumblr too. I also wish it was updated more!

  13. Oh my good gracious. Hysterical. I've seen the "0.0" sticker before AND I NEED IT. It sends me into a fit of giggles every time.

    Fist pumping the grammar rant. Right on, sister.

  14. Seriously, I am so mad at Pinterest! It totally ruined the way past blog posts look, and I'm so angry about it. I think I'm taking a stance like you and no longer imbedding. My favorite in this post would have to be the last one about tv...so true!


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