June 28, 2013

5 things friday

1.  After watching Forks Over Knives, and after talking it over, I think we're going to stop drinking cow's milk.  I have nothing against dairy products, because I don't generally eat them in large amounts. I just don't think drinking full glasses of milk is something we're going to be doing anymore.  (Is this weird? You'll tell me if it's completely illogical, right?)

2.  I watched Pitch Perfect last week.  It was okay.  The music was good. But...um, that's it?  I liked the "finish him like a cheesecake" bit.

3.  This is my exact reaction when Scott's friends show up at our house whenever they feel like it.

Just say I'm an awful person and get it over with.  It's okay.  I won't take offense.

4.  On Wednesday, Scott backed his (brand new) truck into another car. It made us both feel awful and stabby.  You know, like how Pete often feels.

But, this prompted me to wash (and actually take care of) my little Alaskan car.  While washing it, I noticed the registration sticker was outdated.  I knew that we had taken care of this before we left Alaska because we're not that irresponsible.  (Alright.  He's not that irresponsible.)  I had no idea if we ever got the new stickers, where they might be, where the registration was, etc.  I got out of bed at 6am Thursday to check the glove compartment and discovered I'd been carrying around an expired one for the last month.  Great.  I searched everywhere and it literally felt like I'd been glamoured or something because I couldn't remember anything.  Those last few weeks/days in Alaska were such a blur!  Finally, I realized if we had gotten the registration stickers in the mail, it would've been after the car was shipped to St. Louis, therefore that paperwork would be in the old truck we drove from Alaska.  I checked that glove compartment and there it was.  I thought my resourcefulness was nothing short of miraculous.  Scott never would've found it.  Like, never, ever, ever.

5.  Speaking of our friend Taylor, sometimes she's pretty cool.

I found this somewhere.  I don't follow her, as that "Following" button would lead you to believe.


  1. Oh man--that is so sad about backing into another vehicle! Angel once backed my car into my Grandpa's car which was parked in our driveway--only, weirdly, he didn't feel guilty about it at all because my Grandpa had already backed into our car twice on two separate occasions. My family needs to be more careful with driving!!

    And that registration sticker find is most definitely a miracle of resourcefulness and good memory.

  2. I feel the same way when David's friends show up unannounced. Especially when we just got back from the pool, my hair is up and soaking wet, I'm braless and run to open the garage door thinking david's home and will want to park his bike in the garage. NOT DAVID. Ugh.

  3. We don't drink milk anymore, and hardly use any dairy! I think it's really helped our health.

  4. I kinda want to look into this Forks show. I keep hearing about it.

  5. I don't think giving up cow's milk is illogical. But I wouldn't/couldn't do it. We actually get our milk delivered from Valewood Farms in Loretto. Having taken my first graders there on our field trip and learning about how they take care of their cows, I'm still ok with their milk.

    You're not an awful person. People stopping by unannounced is not cool.

    I saw that Taylor Swift tweet, too (also don't follow her). It really made me laugh!

  6. I also felt kind of "meh" about Pitch Perfect. Everyone talked it up so much, I was expecting it to be Mean Girls caliber, but not so much...

  7. I've never seen Pitch Perfect...not sure if I ever will.

  8. That's how I act when my family stops over unannounced! They always pick the 1 day of the week that my house is a disaster.

  9. I don't think it's weird at all to stop drinking glasses of milk ;) Honestly, if you think about it...there is no other species that drinks milk past infancy. The big "selling point" for drinking milk is to "get your calcium!" but we all know there are plenty of other ways to get calcium that don't also deteriorate your bones...

    I loved Pitch Perfect. But probably just because of all the singing, and my dream to be in a group like that...

  10. I don't drink cow's milk either. I use it, but I don't drink it.
    I'm sorry, but the tweet is fake :( I was really excited about it too, then I looked into it. I keep pretending she said it though. Sorry if I ruined everything, lol

  11. I'm so sorry that Scott crashed your car! It's...character building? That's actually the best I could come up with. Sorry.
    I loved Pitch Perfect! Especially Fat Amy- Hilarious. "I'm...uh....sideways running?" I die!
    I laughed about that tweet for a really long time. It's so perfect! Thanks for always making me laugh Kristin! Have an awesome weekend!

  12. Hahaha, I feel the same way at unannounced guests. Exactly, the same way. I loved Pitch Perfect, but I have always been into singy flicks...is "singy" a word? Haha.

  13. There's nothing illogical about not drinking cow's milk. Is there something illogical about being a dairy freak? Probably, but that's me!

    I'm about to watch Pitch Perfect now as I eat leftover Chinese. I've heard quite a bit about it. I'll probably like it just because of the songs. I'm already in love with that song "Gone" by Anna Kendrick I believe.

    We never have people show up at our place unexpectedly! It's so weird, but nice. The only person's house I'd feel comfortable showing up unexpectedly is my mom's, but then again, I have a key!

    Was there a lot of damage done to the car he hit?

  14. Oh no, the car. YUCK. The tweet is hilarious!

    I've almost totally given up cow's milk. I've never seen that but I've heard things. I don't regularly drink milk anyway, so it's just cereal and that sort of thing. I'm trying to sub baking too. Jordan still drinks it, because she's a kid, but otherwise, it's almond milk for me!

  15. Love your new layout! I still haven't seen Pitch Perfect. I heard it was super funny, but I always thought it was just going to be movie glee.

  16. i saw someone post that taylor swift tweet too - wonder if it's real. it's pretty funny! :) I love your new blog look!

  17. Forks Over Knives changed my life. I went from cheese addict to 83% vegan.

    I love that you put Mad Men gifs on your blog. Especially Pete.


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