March 4, 2013

Let's talk.

Let's talk about how thankful I am to have somewhere to air my thoughts....thank you to all who offered support concerning my current "the-army-doesn't-know-what-they-are-doing-with-us" dilemma.  I haven't come to terms with saying it aloud yet, so it's nice to write about what's going on in my head.  It's probably an 90/10 split right now, being that there is a 90% chance we are still leaving Alaska in April.  Your kind thoughts and words of encouragement mean so much.  If we do stay, all y'all have a place to stay on those exotic Alaskan vacations I just know you're planning.  :)

And now onto the trivial thoughts of the last few days..

Let's talk.

..about how I have an ulcer on the inside of my lip from eating too many Craisins.  The giant Costco bag in 3 weeks.  Gone.

 ..about the warm container of Greek yogurt that's been in my bag every day for the last 2 weeks.  I take one to school every day.  I'm too lazy to walk 300 ft. to the fridge in the lounge.  It gets warm.  I don't eat it. I bring it home and stick it back in the fridge, and then repeat the process the next day.

...about the extra daylight.  This picture isn't anything spectacular, but it's such a welcoming sight at 5pm!

I have something pleasant to look at while I take pictures!

And let me mention that this was the best hair day in recent memory.
Skirt: Gap Outlet // Boots: Steve Madden // Sweater: DIY
Let's talk about how I (really) try to wear something acceptable each day.  Most of the time, I just can't be bothered to stand out in the cold and take a picture of it.  It's such a waste.  Especially on the weekends.  I wear nice clothes to church and then practically crawl back into my pajamas as soon as I walk in the door. On this day, it was about 37*, which is approximately the cutoff for acceptable going-outside weather.

Let's talk about how I've de-scaled the Keurig twice (using two giant bottles of vinegar) in the last week.  How do you clean yours? It still says "de-scale".

Let's talk about how Scott made plans for us to go out on Friday night...and, per the usual, I didn't really want to...meeting new people is not high on the list of things I like to do after a week of 4th grade.  I'm usually asleep by 8pm.

However, I did end up having fun.  So, he won that one.  Again, it did involve pizza.  There's at least a 50% chance of me being interested if pizza is involved.

How was your weekend???

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  1. i'm glad your odds are high :) i hate bringing my lunch to the teacher's lounge and hardly ever do. i eat warm yogurt. i've been less and less brave to take pictures outside because it's cold and windy and am SO ready for warmer weather (but I know I have nothing on you!)

  2. I do the same thing when I take lunch to school; I leave it in my bag and by the time I get a chance to eat it I don't want to, so I bring it home and put it back.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get thrilled about going out Friday nights. After a week of school I just want to crash.

  3. Hi from Mingle Monday!

    We had similar problems with our Keurig - it eventually crapped out and we had to get a new one. One of the most depressing days of my life :P

  4. Good luck with your Alaska predicament, I just read your post and I'm just hoping everything works out the way you want it to. You always look so cute doing to work - we definitely share the same style. And if you do find a good way to de-scale, I would love to hear it since vinegar is my only method right now.

  5. Stopping by from Mingle Monday...and I'm a new follower :) I am a fellow teacher, who taught 4th grade as well until our state had major budget cuts. So I'm subbing in the hopes of getting back to it full time in the fall. Can't wait to visit more :)

  6. I am SO GLAD it's getting lighter out. And then they have to ruin it with daylight savings this weekend. But still, I'm SO GLAD it's getting lighter out!!! My mood instantly improves when I get off work and it's not pitch black.

  7. You can't go wrong with pizza & hockey!

  8. Yay for it getting lighter out! :) I usually de-scale our keurig with vinegar, have you tried cleaning out the needle?

  9. I hear ya about the lunch! I pre-make meals on the weekend...all I have to do is grab one from the fridge on my way out the door but I almost NEVER take one, lol.

    Hope you have a good week! Happy Monday!

    Lindsey @
    Come by and say HI!

  10. Glad you had fun!! I'm the same way. He has to MAKE me go, but SO happy I do in the end :) Found you thru Sami's link up, looking forward to following along!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  11. I want to like Greek Yogurt. Really! But I just can't. Unless it's in a baked good. lol LOVE the hair!

  12. Pizza and hockey is the perfect night out! Glad you had fun. :)


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