February 3, 2013

Pinned. Did. Done.

I haven't been into the funny stuff on Pinterest in awhile.  Instead, I've been trying to work through my boards, actually creating the stuff I insist on pinning.  
Here's some of the good ones.
I've been filing them away onto a Did it/Made it/Accomplished it/Done board.

Because crossing tasks off a to-do list is one of my favorite past times.

Have you had any Pinterest successes lately??

Who knew marshmallow fluff was so easy to make??  Only took about 10 minutes!

We're really into yams.  I know everyone calls them sweet potatoes.  They're yams...but I'm guilty of calling them sweet potatoes too.

Scott loves this paleo sweet potato hash.  I serve it alongside eggs.

My favorite way to eat yams is still like this.

I'm so glad I found this recipe.  I use whole wheat tortillas.  Sweet potatoes (yams) and black beans are an amazing combination.  Last night, I turned this mixture into burritos, instead of just soft tacos.

This soup makes a great freezer meal.  I cook the noodles separately, as needed, because they get weird in the freezer.

If you're in the market for rich, fudgy brownies, these are quite satisfying.

This was, aside from pizza dough, my first successful yeast-baking adventure.  It was tasty, and we ate the whole loaf in 12 hours one day.


  1. I have that pizza dough recipe. I was going to use it this week to make pizza. I am happy to hear that it does work.

  2. I need to go through some of my Pins too. I've tried some of the things but certainly not all. I'm guessing around 1% I actually try~

  3. I could eat marshmallow fluff all day!

  4. You made all those? I want to make marshmallow fluff!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Talk about accomplishments! :) That's some awesome stuff! I love the idea of a board for the Pinterest things you've actually done!

  6. Hmmm sweet potatoes. Possibly one of my favorite foods ever.

  7. Yummmm. Can you please just come to California and open a restaurant? I think you might like the weather too!

  8. I have actually done a bunch of things from Pinterest. Most of what I have done is from DIY things for our house, but I have also cooked a good amount of recipes from Pinterest. I wish I had done a better job of documenting them though...kuddos to you!

  9. I love Pinterest - but I need to do what you're doing! I never actually make anything from it, ha!

  10. Mm...I could go for some great brownies right now! I try and make things from Pinterest every now and then, but I need to do more!


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