January 11, 2013

High Five for Friday

1. I ordered the medium Longchamp instead of the large.  Do I exchange it?  Go.

2.  My parents sent me a giftcard to Athleta.  This is what they wrote on the card.

3.  Also, since I shared my biggest flaw (perhaps) yesterday, so many of you commented that you have the same problem.  Thank the Lord, is all I have to say to that.  It's quite nice to know that I'm not the only one who can't tell left from right.

4.  I can't even tell you how much I thoroughly love this coat. It excites me when I get to put it on. I look forward to going outside these days. Strange, huh?

5.  One of my random acts of kindness this week is giving away a Starbucks gift card.  You should get on that.

My other one?  I wrote out thank-you notes to students who gave me Christmas gifts.  I've always made it a point to send thank-you notes.  The first time I did it was after my high school graduation, thanking family for the gifts they gave me.  Since then, I always try to send thank-yous.  A week after our wedding, we drove to Alaska.  I wrote our thank-yous on the way, in the hotel rooms each night.  As soon as we had a permanent address, I mailed them all.  Took me less than 3 weeks.  I'm oddly proud of this.

Anyway, I like to set a good example for the children by drinking diet coke for lunch (which happens more often than I'd like to admit).  I also give them thank-you notes.  I'd say it all evens out.

52 weeks of kindness


  1. haha I love what your parents wrote.

  2. My mom had to write L and R on my tap shoes as a kid.

    That is no longer socially acceptable, so I muddle through.

  3. I love the note from your parents! Too funny!!
    I Hope you had a great bday! I think I'd up the bag to a large. That one just looks smaller than a medium should, ya know?!

    And, I hate Diet coke. Diet any drink really. You're gross! :p

    and good job writing thank you notes. Go you! :D

  4. Yayy for thank you notes! Those go a long way :)

  5. I love my large one. It holds everything and it's not too big to wear everyday

  6. The bag...I guess it depends what you're going to use it for. As an everyday purse, that would be PLENTY big for me. If you're gonna use it as a work/school bag too...I'd go up a size.

    I do love your Columbia coat!!! Super cute.

    I hope you had a stellar birthday w/ Scott home this year! :)

  7. I was having weird deja vu because I swore that I already commented on your purse, then I realized it was instagram. We should probably meet in real life one day soon so I feel better about being so attached to your life electronically!

  8. I love the bag as is. BUT if you think you need a bigger size, do it. Great job writing thank you notes to your kiddos. Kids need good models.

  9. Found you through the 52 week project. I love what you did with the Starbucks cards and Thank you notes. It's a lost art.
    Hoping to join you all next week. Fingers crossed :)

  10. If I had a bag bigger than that, I could never find anything! I probably couldn't find anything in one THAT size. It's a problem of mine. haha I love bags, but I'm SUPER picky about the ones I actually buy!

  11. Angel and I wrote thank you cards on the day after we got married. We had them all sent out and people received them within a week after we got married and they were kind of freaked out. I'm oddly proud of that, too--but then I sometimes think--why the heck did we decide to write thank you cards practically the minute we got married?? Actually, I wonder a lot about several of the crazy decision we made during that first year....

  12. Happy belated birthday! I am a huge proponent of thank you cards. I am even tempted to send them after I participate in a swap but I always think my partner will find it creepy so I don't.

    Not everyone is a runner; that is most definitely true. I thought I would hate it but I think I'm hooked.

    I would get the large but that is because I always have to squeeze one more thing in there.

  13. that coat is so cute!

  14. Your parents are hilarious! I really like when teachers write thank you notes, because it lets you know that they appreciate you thinking of them? I don't know, but I really like reading thank you notes, although I'm so stupid that I had to Google Translate the one my Spanish teacher wrote.

    Happy belated birthday! :)

  15. Did you end up exchanging? That's nice of you to give your kids thank-yous. I try to send them when I can.

  16. haha! YES! I totally don't know left and right! In the car, it's "this way" and "that way" ... not that hard!

    I'm your newest follower - would love for you to follow me back! You sound fun and I like fun people.


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