November 14, 2012


Sweater: Target ($16 on clearance) // Scarf: Land's End  //  Pants: Gap Outlet
Yesterday, I was reminded of how undeserving and blessed I am to have the job I do.  
I was absent from school last Friday.
Yesterday, I went back for the start of a 4-day week and I found this on my desk.
A student had left it there on Friday.

Some key phrases:
"My teacher's name is Mrs. Darhower it sounds just like it looks."
Parents, in particular, can't pronounce my last name to save their lives.  So that's the trick I give them.

" teacher...doesn't like to go camping.."
Yesssss.  They do listen to me.

"...but most of all she is smart I mean even though this is her third year teaching she wouldn't be a teacher if she wasn't smart. Would she haha?"
Oh, she has no idea.

"She also knows us very well."
They're pretty predictable.

"...the most awsmest teacher I'v EVER had and I love her."

And that's what will get me through the week.


  1. That's a really pretty sweater!

    ...and that's the cutest essay ever. Frame that one :)

  2. What a sweet note. I love kids...when they love me. I'm sure you feel the same.

  3. what a sweet note!! and I love your sweater!

  4. That is so cute! Love it!

  5. I love it! Kids sure do know how to make someone feel special. :)

  6. I agree you've got to frame that one! So sweet!

  7. How darling is that? Oh my goodness. You're clearly doing something right :)

  8. Being a teacher can have the best rewards. That's incredibly sweet!

  9. That really is sweet! Sometimes the most surprising things turn up to get you through. :)

  10. Sometimes kids are nice. Sometimes I want to shoot them with a nerf gun.

  11. awe! such a sweet note!

  12. It's moments like that that remind me I love what I do. (Unfortunately, they've been few & far between for me this year. lol)

  13. Yep love those notes. None of my kids have topped what this pair of kids made for me my second year: a book called why ms a is the best. It even had a barcode and price tag on he back!

  14. How sweet is that? It would get me through my week too. :)


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