November 15, 2012

Something I'm really bad at.

Running errands.

I hate it.

And I'm incredibly irresponsible when it comes to doing so.

If I need to stop at the store, I will talk myself out of it pretty quickly.  Unless it's for ice cream or wine, my lazy side usually wins.

Don't even get me started on the post office.  I loathe the post office.  In fact, I had to send out poor Jen's giveaway prize on Wednesday (I told her I would do it Tuesday, but on Tuesday my lazy side obviously won...).  I went to the post office at lunch time, stood in line for 10 minutes, and then drove back to school. Why did I go at lunch?  Because I knew I had to buckle down and grade papers during my planning period. Going after school isn't even a question.  I would've driven right past it.  I go nowhere after school.  I went to Wal-Mart at 7:30am the other day to get dinner supplies because I knew there was no way I'd go out after dark, which is about 4:30pm these days.

At any given time, I have a "to-do" list on my phone.  And in my planner.  And usually 2 to 3 lists laying around somewhere.

This is currently in my phone.  I've included a key because, well, in the event of my untimely demise, I'm pretty sure no one would ever be able to decode my notes.

That could be to my benefit...

Oh, and in my planner I also have this pretty much duplicated.  Along with the 7 things I've suddenly decided I need to bake this weekend.  And the haircut I desperately need to get.

How ree-di-cu-lous.

How do you stay organized?  I mean, I AM organized.  I just procrastinate and procrastinate. For example, I know I've got a week left in the bottle of conditioner I already have.  So I'll see Sally's maybe by next Wednesday.  Maybe.


  1. i actually like running errands in the summer because I can go during the week and it isn't crowded. I hate going anywhere after school especially when it is already dark!

  2. Ughhh.
    I too hate errands. I consider anything involving my husband an errand too because with one car, I'm always adding "pick up husband" to my list.
    And I do all the errand running so if I don't do it, we'll all starve/have dirty clothes.
    Because on top of dumb errands, I also have to go to a laundromat every week.
    So yesterday, my brilliant idea was to get dirty laundry from my house on my lunch break, then get off work at 4:30, start laundry, run to the grocery store for necessities(The Husband insists on having breakfast foods, and a variety of them!)back to switch laundry to the dryer, then run to The Husband's school to drop off school stuff to him, then back to the laundromat and then, finally, wrestle 20 grocery bags up a flight of stairs, take the dog on a walk, then wrestle a dog and a cal king comforter up a flight of stairs, and THEN go and get the big bag of clothes from the car and push those up the flight of stairs.
    Oh and then, 2 hours later, load the dog up in the car to go pick The Husband up from school.

    I'm all re-exhausted thinking about it.
    Is it too early for wine?

  3. Ugghh I hate when it gets dark early! (I can't even imagine Alaska in the winter!) I feel the EXACT same way about errands, I insist on getting anything and everything done during my lunch break because all I want to do when I get out is GO HOME.


  4. I'm the same way!!!! I absolutely dread going to the post office here and I think it's because of the evil lady that works there. lol. :)

  5. I do nothing at night (except drink wine, obvi) so I just try to consolidate and get as much done in one trip as possible after dropping the kids off at school (so I only run errands on wed or Fri) and always spend too much money anyways. Yesterdays post was so sweet, definitely makes it worth it!

  6. It's not necessarily running errands that I hate...but I hate parking. With a passion. And you can't run errands without parking. So I don't. Until I get too desperate or until my husband has a day off. I drive to school and park there every day--but I don't like to park other places unless absolutely necessary.

  7. This is funny because I LOVE running errands. I think it's because I make a game out of it and get to think where can I park that's centrally located, which order should I go to my destinations in, how do I carry it all in one trip, which places are on the way home on certain days, etc. It's the one area I feel in control of and successful at, and then I get to check it off that long list in my phone that looks scarily similar to yours. Sometimes stopping at the grocery store or gas station is even my "reward" after going to the gym. I'm sick, really.

  8. I don't mind going to the store in the summer, but like you said - after work is out of the question. It's dark and cold and

    I hate going to the store so much sometimes that I will actually sit in the car and play on my phone while Isaiah goes inside to grab what we need. He's such a trooper.

  9. Well... now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, I use any opportunity to go to the store, just to get us out of the house. And sometimes I go when I don't even need anything...

    Before baby, I used my off days.

  10. You are so cute :) I do the same thing girl!!

  11. I make lists on my iPhone, too. I like to use the reminders on my phone now for my to-do list now, though, because it has the check boxes to check off what I've actually done.

    I still always forget something when I go to the store. Usually because I didn't know I needed it. Therefore, I didn't write it down; which means I didn't buy it.

    Oh and "clear off dining room table" has been on my list for a month.

  12. I have tons of to do lists... and I add things to them that I am almost done with so I can mark them off.

  13. I hate running errands! The only time I can do it is on the weekends and there are way too many people.

  14. I procrastinate always, I mean it's the difference between watching Regenge live or commercial free.

    Also the whole putting a bra on also screws with things


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