October 25, 2012

It's okay that I have had a major revelation regarding body image (!)

It's okay that I've officially diagnosed myself with TKLS (TurboKick Leg Syndrome).

Last night, I was at TurboKick.  And it came up in discussion that there was a certain "TurboKick body type".  People of all shapes and sizes do and love Turbokick, but generally there's a commonality:
Giant thighs.  Giant muscular thighs.  Resulting in pants that no longer fit.  PANTS THAT NO LONGER FIT.

If you don't know what TurboKick is, you can refer to this post.

Let's review:
I started doing TurboKick last January... at least once a week and as many as 4 times a week, including other workouts (up to 8 total workouts per week over the summer...those were the days...).

In March-ish, I noticed my pants no longer fit.  My American Eagle Artist-style jeans were way, way too tight in the thigh.  I felt like I was being suffocated.  The waist fit well-enough and, at this point, the waist is loose even, but the thighs are still skin tight.

I waxed poetic (i.e. whined) about this problem.  You listened.  You commiserated.  I appreciated it.  Very much so.

But I still felt like something else was wrong.  I was working out every day and my jeans were not falling off of me.  Isn't that what's supposed to happen???

Last night, I learned that others had the same problem.  Giant-ass thighs, slimming waist, pants that don't fit.

Thank the good Lord it's not just me.

Apparently, everyone who follows TurboKick just sucks it up (errr, in) and deals with it.  And buys new pants.

I guess that's what all the kicking will do to you.  The process of muscle-building was so gradual that I didn't even notice.  My legs, in my opinion, don't look all that different...not bigger anyway.  But muscle isn't malleable like fat is.  My thighs are freakin' solid.  And cannot be stuffed into any of my bootcut jeans without making me feel all sausage-like.

My skinny jeans from the last 18 months (2 whole pairs, woot woot!) fit fine and I think it's because they are, obviously, designed differently than bootcut jeans.

But you know what?  I will TAKE those giant-ass thighs that I have worked so very hard for.*

Who knows?  Maybe I'm finally finding a balance.


Let's not promise anything.

*Please don't misunderstand.  I do not believe I really have "giant-ass thighs".  In relation to the rest of my body, they come off as "solid".  When I can put my waist, butt, and calves into a pair of jeans that I have worn for years but cannot squeeze in my thighs they "appear" as "giant-ass".  That is all.
Oh.  And yeah.  I guess it's okay that my husband bought me a hat.
And I apparently still have a five-head.

At least he understands that I'm a brand-snob.

Oh, but look.  It's nothing more than bribery.

It better be a nice hat.

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. i have the same problem. solid, muscular thighs (and calves) that results in ill-fitting pants. i sometimes have to go one size up with skinny jeans because of my legs which means the waist is too big and i have to wear a belt and i hate wearing belts.

    however, having rock solid thighs is also a blessing. i'd much rather be fit/muscular than skinny.

  2. I wish we were going to live next to each other! I want to also be a certified personal trainer and teach classes eventually. I love the idea of this being my only 'job'!! Unfortuantely I am moving at a snails pace due to the whole study this huge, overwhelming, and dense cerifitcation book.

    Good for you for being damn proud of your "giant-ass thighs"! Muscles are sexy!

  3. Haha I hope it is a nice hat too! :)

  4. I have big, muscular thighs. Mostly from running.

  5. My thighs are pretty strong, but it is my calves that bug me. "Power calves." I guess it could be way worse.

  6. Pleeeassseeee tell me your next duty assignment is in Sacramento. That way you can teach me turbo kick? My gym doesn't have it. :( I need to get me a video.

  7. HEY!! You're wearing yoga pants!!! :-D I'm assuming you like them?? You look great in my opinion and keep up the ass-kicking work!


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